Managed Services

ScalePad Expands IT Asset Disposal Services

IT asset management software provider ScalePad has expanded its IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) program for managed service providers (MSPs). 

The enhanced service now includes a wider variety of asset types, offers comprehensive bulk disposal support, and comes without additional costs, including shipping fees, the company said.

Broadened IT Asset Coverage

ScalePad's updated ITAD aims to provide a secure and efficient method for the disposal of decommissioned IT assets and peripherals. 

The service now covers a diverse list of equipment, such as workstations, servers, switches, tablets, hard drives, scanners, IP phones, monitors/LCDs, and APC/UPS units. This expanded coverage is geared towards assisting Lifecycle Manager Pro Partners in the U.S. to safely dispose of a varied range of equipment. 

The enhancement seeks to enable MSPs to better manage and optimize their client's IT infrastructure, emphasizing data security and environmental sustainability, ScalePad said.

Introduction of Bulk Disposal Support

In addition to the asset coverage expansion, ScalePad has introduced a bulk disposal support feature. This service is designed to simplify the disposal of large quantities of assets through an integrated in-app order system, according to the company. 

By broadening the availability of ITAD to more partners and removing associated costs, ScalePad aims to allow more MSPs to streamline their disposal processes, ScalePad said.

Executive Commentary

Dan Wensley, CEO at ScalePad, commented:

"At ScalePad, we're dedicated to continually improving our offerings to meet our Partners' evolving needs. These updates reflect our commitment to IT asset management. We aim to reduce IT waste and provide our partners with efficient solutions, which is why we have broadened our disposal service to include a comprehensive range of assets."

About ScalePad

ScalePad was originally known as Warranty Master until a rebranding in October 2020.

The company collaborates with MSPs to offer a range of IT services. Through its offerings, which include asset lifecycle management, business analytics, disaster recovery, and compliance solutions, ScalePad provides insights and tools for improved service delivery. 

ScalePad has completed a number of acquisitions this year, including Adept Managed Continuity (AdeptMC), Lifecycle Insights, Cognition360, and ControlMap. It purchased Backup Radar in late 2021. In July 2021, the company received an equity injection led by Integrity Growth Partners (IGP).