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Sage Launches 20 for 20 Program to Accelerate Accounting Partner Growth

Cloud business management solutions provider Sage is launching 20 for 20, an accountant accelerator program designed to provide its partners with technology, business development services and education resources to grow and scale their business, according to a statement released by the company.

The program was created based on direct accounting partner feedback on what they most wanted from a partner program, according to the statement. Many accounting firms, especially SMBs, are ready to find new clients but don’t yet have the right solutions to support them. The 20 for 20 program aims to help those partners access technology and support solutions that can accelerate growth and take their businesses to the next level, Sage said in the statement.

Sage 20 for 20 Program Accelerates Partner Growth

In exchange for 20 customer referrals each quarter, partners that participate in the program can unlock consulting education, training on best practices for business process improvements and achieving sustainable inclusion, digital marketing and SEO fundamentals, as well as access to Sage accounting solutions, according to Sage. In addition, a comprehensive cloud tech stack includes robotic process automation (RPA), digital marketing and SEO services and support. In addition, partners receive access to on-demand Sage University training courses, such as Sage Consulting Academy and Innovation and Business Process Improvements (BPI) Consulting, according to the statement. Sage 20 for 20 also offers a live Diversity/Inclusion Consulting Principles session facilitated by Nayo Carter-Gray, CEO of 1st Step Accounting.

A.Z. Zabala, director of accounts sales and strategy, Sage Software
A.Z. Zabala, director of accounts sales and strategy, Sage Software

Sage 20 for 20: Delivering Measurable Impact

A.Z. Zabala, director of accounts sales and strategy at Sage, commented on the program's success:

“Following an initial soft launch with a handful of partners in November 2020, feedback on the program thus far is exceptional. Our partners are excited about the measurable impact and their ability to deliver more value to customers and mitigate costs. Sage 20 for 20 is also attracting the attention of technology and business advisors that have existing competitor relationships in the spirit of our larger mission to support and develop the community of accountants.”