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Robotic Process Automation: Pax8, Rewst Partner to Bring RPA to MSPs

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Cloud marketplace Pax8 announced today the availability of its new global vendor, Rewst, through the Pax8 Marketplace.

Pax8, founded in 2011, is based in Greenwood Village, Colorado, near Denver. The company has 1,160 employees listed on LinkedIn. Pax8 develops a cloud marketplace that allows MSPs to buy, sell and manage cloud solutions.
Pax8 competes against traditional IT distributors such as D&H DistributingIngram Micro and TD Synnex, along with cloud-centric marketplace providers such as Sherweb. In some ways, Pax8 also competes against ConnectWise Marketplace, though the two companies also partner.

Pax8 Adds Rewst RPA to Cloud Marketplace

Rewst offers application programming interface (API) integrations with over 40 products commonly used by MSPs, allowing them to automate repetitive, manual tasks that take a lot of time and often introduce human error. Examples of workflows automated with Rewst include user onboarding/offboarding, phishing remediation, license purchasing and reconciliation for cost savings, billing reconciliation, approval processes, and more. Additionally, Rewst addresses often overlooked or unaddressed tickets, enabling MSPs to handle low-return tasks efficiently, according to the company.

Some key highlights of the Rewst platform include:

Pre-built integrations: Rewst provides pre-built integrations to over 40 common MSP tools, including popular vendors such as ConnectWise, Datto, Autotask, Kaseya, and more. The continuously expanding integration library is based on MSP needs, and customers also have the flexibility to build custom integrations, the company said.

Pre-built workflows or Crates: MSPs can take advantage of a marketplace featuring 50 pre-packaged workflows, known as Crates, which serve as ready-to-use templates for specific automations. Crates include all the necessary components such as forms, triggers, templates, and scripts, enabling MSPs to swiftly implement and configure the workflows according to their requirements, Rewst said.

MSP enablement, support, and training: Rewst’s Robotic Operations Center (ROC) is staffed by automation specialists who can help customers create their own workflows. Additionally, Rewst offers Cluck University, a training curriculum featuring live group training sessions and self-service learning resources.

The Rewst partnership gives MSPs a purpose-built Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform that integrates with Pax8’s extensive pre-built integrations, ready-to-use workflows, and robust training and support, the companies said.

“With the introduction of Rewst to our cloud marketplace, we are excited to provide MSPs with an advanced automation solution that addresses their critical business challenges," said Nikki Meyer, Corporate Vice President of Global Vendor Alliances. "This partnership expands our cloud solutions and equips our partners with the tools they need to save time, streamline operations, and enhance efficiency for their customers.”

“We can’t wait to bring Rewst’s RPA platform to Pax8’s global partner community,” said Charlie Tomeo, Chief Revenue Officer at Rewst. “This partnership is a win-win for MSPs, as it lets them purchase Rewst through the Pax8 Marketplace and use our API integration with Pax8 in their workflows. Pax8 partners will be delighted with the significant and immediate value they see from Rewst.”

Robotic Process Automation

The fast-growing robotic process automation (RPA) software market continues to generate strong merger and acquisition (M&A) activity. An expansive RPA M&A deal list, updated regularly by ChannelE2E, is here.

What’s driving all the RPA M&A activity? The short answer involves customer demand: The global RPA software market is expected to reach $13.74 billion by 2028, up from $1.57 billion in 2020. The market’s compound annual growth rate from 2021 to 2028 is expected to be 32.8%, Grand View Research predicts.

RPA software allows businesses to write code and bots that rapidly automate manual tasks across multiple departments — from IT service desks to HR, finance, customer support and more.

Much of the RPA software industry focuses on enterprise customers. Still, RPA may even eventually catch on in the SMB market as MSPs seek to further automate internal and customer operations - especially if it's purpose-built for MSPs, as Pax8 and Rewst's offering is.

RPA software providers such as Automation AnywhereBlue PrismUiPath and Microsoft Power Automate frequently dominate headlines. But M&A activity is also influencing the market. And upstarts such as ElectroNeek and Rewst are striving to deliver RPA into the MSP and SMB markets.