Pure Storage Updates Purity Software for FlashBlade and FlashArray

Pure Storage announced updates to its Purity software for FlashBlade and FlashArray that the company says will accelerate Windows applications, deliver ransomware protection across file, block and native cloud-based apps, and introduced a third generation FlashArray//C all-QLC platform.

The latest updates to Purity for FlashArray are available immediately and will be available in Q1 for Purity for FlashBlade, and are delivered through Pure’s Evergreen subscription model, according to a statement released by the company. The Evergreen subscription models make these updates available without additional licenses or support costs and ensure zero added complexity for customers, according to Pure.

Pure Storage Updates Purity Software for FlashBlade and FlashArray

The key enhancements include new native SMB support, including the ability to accelerate Windows applications through data services, including replication, file system rollback and SafeMode Snapshots for rapid ransomware recovery, according to the statement. FlashBlade’s new cross-protocol file security design allows access control interoperability between SMB and NFS users while preserving access control lists for both, in addition to complying with federal security mandates, according to Pure. FlashArray’s scale-up architecture includes operational file services for VDI, file server consolidation, user home directories and file sharing, according to the statement.

Ransomware Protection

Ajay Singh, chief product officer, Pure Storage

To help protect against ransomware attacks, FlashBlade and FlashArray also include SafeMode snapshots, immutable snapshots and policy-based retention to protect companies against the risk of lost revenues, ransom payments, and brand damage associated with ransomware attacks, the company said. In addition, Pure Storage’s FlashBlade platform provides enhanced object security with S3 simple user policies, enabling access control at the user level, according to the statement. User-level performance monitoring and unified APIs and SDK improves automation across FlashBlade, FlashArray, and Pure1 with unified REST APIs and Python SDK, the company said.

Finally, new releases of FlashArray//C40 and FlashArray//C60 allow customers to replace legacy disks in deployments of all sizes, ranging from departmental to data center consolidation, the company said. Pure also announced file replication capabilities on FlashArray with Komprise, according to the statement.

“Pure is named a leader in the recent Gartner Magic Quadrant for Primary Storage Arrays and positioned highest and farthest in both vectors because we are chipping away at the complexity baked into legacy storage that is simply not designed for the digital age. Our vision for a Modern Data Experience empowers organizations to innovate by providing a dynamic, cloud-based storage experience that is flexible, on-demand, and delivered as code,” said Ajay Singh, chief product officer, Pure Storage.

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