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Promys PSA Taps Microsoft Power BI for Analytics, Enhanced Reporting

Promys VP David Donnelly
Promys VP David Donnelly

Promys PSA has gained new analytics and reporting capabilities, which are designed to attract more MSPs, consultants, and service providers to the professional services automation (PSA) software platform.

Among the key enhancements: Promys Executive Reporting is based on a Microsoft Power BI integration. It's designed to provide deeper insight into bookings, cash flow, labor utilization, and subscription growth. According to the company, the tool accomplishes this by creating understandable and easy to interpret graphics and associated trending reports.

Services provider, in turn, can 'push' that information out automatically, on a scheduled basis to a distribution list. Report recipients don't need a software license to view the reports, according to Promys PSA VP of Product Development David Donnelly.

Microsoft Power BI is gaining popularity with a range of third-party software packages and cloud services. The business analytics service provides interactive visualizations with self-service business intelligence capabilities.

Promy PSA Within the Professional Services Automation Market

Promys PSA has quietly carved a healthy niche for itself in the busy and fragmented professional services automation software market. While options like ConnectWise Manage and Datto's Autotask are widely consider the MSP market share leaders, Promys PSA is no slouch. The company spun off from a Cisco Systems Gold Partner in 2003, and Promys has been growing 35 to 40 percent annually in recent years.

Still, the market is fiercely competitive. PSA platforms from multiple companies have gained more and more reporting capabilities. Also, third-party tools like BrightGauge and MSP CFO have further enhanced business intelligence for MSPs.

The overall PSA software industry continues to growth, though we're watching closely to see if enterprise-class software companies like ServicesNow and Salesforce encroach on the market. Earlier this year, ServiceNow partner OpX launched DevOPs services for MSPs. And just yesterday, Salesforce launched small business editions of its cloud-based CRM and help desk software.

Additional reporting from Joe Panettieri.