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Philadelphia 76ers Partner on Data Protection with Acronis, Sourcepass

The Philadelphia 76ers have partnered with Acronis and Sourcepass, Inc. to reinforce their data backup and disaster recovery plans. 

This partnership is part of the Acronis #TeamUp Partner Program, which aims to bolster data security by linking managed service providers with international sports teams, according to the company.

Objective to Fortify Data Backup Practices

The alliance with Acronis and Sourcepass is designed to enhance the NBA team’s data backup processes through Acronis' technology. 

It represents an effort to improve the security and management of the team's critical data and system operations, Acronis said.

Additional Insight

Sasha Puric, 76ers Chief Technology Officer, commented:

“Understanding the need for advanced data protection, we have joined hands with Acronis and Sourcepass. This collaboration with a cloud data backup provider is an exciting step towards developing more efficient and effective data management strategies.”

Matt McCarthy, Sourcepass Chief Client Officer, said:

“Our partnership with the 76ers reflects our commitment to supporting their season with our expertise in managed support services, in tandem with Acronis' technology.”

Pat Hurley, Acronis Vice President and General Manager, Americas, added:

“The #TeamUp program continues to build partnerships that are beneficial for all involved. We are proud to combine our efforts with Sourcepass to support the Philadelphia 76ers, aiming for a season of success.”

Impact and Goals of the Partnership

This partnership marks a significant collaboration for the Philadelphia 76ers, with Sourcepass set to provide comprehensive data backup support and Acronis offering disaster recovery services. This initiative seeks to enhance the team’s data management capabilities and overall operational efficiency.

About Acronis and Sourcepass

Acronis specializes in cyber protection and data security, offering solutions to modern digital challenges. With a global presence, Acronis serves various clients, including businesses and service providers. Acronis recently launched Acronis CyberApp Standard, an integration technology that extends the Acronis environment to third-party vendors.

Sourcepass, an IT service company, focuses on business transformation and digital infrastructure management. They offer services that aim to innovate and streamline IT operations for their clients.