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Oracle and Microsoft Collaborate on New Cloud Database Service

Tech giants Oracle Corp and Microsoft Corp jointly unveiled "Oracle Database@Azure," a new service that allows customers to directly utilize Oracle database services on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) within Microsoft Azure data centers.

Seamless Integration with Oracle and Azure

Oracle Database@Azure is engineered to merge the capabilities of Oracle Database on OCI with Microsoft Azure's attributes, including AI services such as Azure OpenAI. 

This collaboration is aimed at offering users enhanced flexibility regarding their workload placements and creating a cohesive cloud purchasing and management experience between Oracle Database and Azure services.

The introduction of Oracle Database@Azure potentially simplifies the migration of businesses to the cloud, leveraging both Azure's infrastructure and Oracle's database prowess.

Advantages for Clients

According to the companies, customers leveraging this service can anticipate:

  • Multiple options for Oracle database cloud migration.
  • Parity in Oracle database features, pricing, performance, scale, and availability.
  • A unified operating environment in Azure with security, simplicity, and low latency.
  • The capability to create new cloud-native apps using OCI and Azure tech, including Azure's renowned AI services.
  • Trustworthy architecture that has the backing of two major cloud industry players.

Oracle Microsoft Partnership: Additional Commentary

Satya Nadella, Chairman and CEO, Microsoft, commented:

“We have a real opportunity to help organizations bring their mission-critical applications to the cloud. Our expanded partnership with Oracle positions Microsoft Azure as a unique cloud provider for Oracle’s database services, aiming to spur cloud-powered innovation.”

Larry Ellison, Oracle Chairman and CTO, said:

“Most customers already use multiple clouds. Our collaboration with Microsoft seeks to simplify the integration of Azure Services with the newest Oracle Database tech. By placing Oracle Exadata hardware in Azure data centers, we aim to offer optimal database and network performance.”