Nutanix Announces Channel Partner Program Enhancements


Nutanix is introducing enhancements to the Elevate Partner Program’s incentives and Performance+ Deal Registration Program for FY24. Nutanix said in a statement they are focusing on partner-led selling with sales support and resources including:

A channel-led selling rebate incentive in the FY24 Elevate Partner Program to make partner success even more profitable as partners win new deals with these select accounts.

Dedicated channel-led sales resource centers across the world to support partners on deals with select accounts when needed at any point in the sales cycle.

In mid-October, Nutanix will launch updated enablement pathways in the updated Nutanix University platform to ensure partners have the sales, technical, and services capabilities needed to be successful around hybrid multi-cloud solutions. In addition, Nutanix said it is updating its incentive structure.

The revamped incentive structure includes: 

  • Larger payout for new business individual Incentive: Now partner sellers and sales engineers (SEs) can earn a 2% incentive, up to $7,500 per deal, for identifying, registering, and winning new business with Nutanix, the company said. This incentive program complements the new business rebate for partner reseller organizations, which maintains its structure from FY23.
  • Increased discount advantage for deal registration: FY24 brings an enhanced discount advantage to partners who register deals and quote Nutanix simplified product portfolio SKUs (PnP 2.0), which gives a 40% greater discount advantage versus non-registered discounting. Registering deals not only provides partners with deal protection but can drive even greater profitability for each deal, the company said.
  • Performance Bonuses: Top-performing partners will have the opportunity to earn even more through the Outperformance Rebate program.

Nutanix also said it is taking proactive steps to empower partners with increased visibility into Annual Team Renewals (ATR) data to proactively address issues and ensure their customers are satisfied.