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Nutanix Adds Additional Ransomware Protections

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Nutanix has added additional ransomware protections to its cloud platform to help enterprises prevent, detect and recover from ransomware attacks across multiple cloud environments, according to a statement from the company.

These protections, available now to partners and customers, are built in to the Nutanix stack and include new threat monitoring and detection, as well as more granular data replication and access controls, according to the statement.

Nutanix Adds Additional Ransomware Protections

The Nutanix cloud platform, via the Flow Security Central feature of Nutanix Flow, now offers anomaly detection based on machine learning (ML) and IP reputation services, according to the company. Flow Security Central helps identify known attack vectors, including potential ransomware, at the network level before it can reach the application and data layers. Specifically, Flow Security Central now monitors networks for anomalies, malicious behavior and common network attacks. Flow Security Central also monitors endpoints to identify traffic from suspicious locations, according to the statement.

The Nutanix cloud platform now also includes native ransomware detection for file storage services within Nutanix Files. File analytics now detects abnormal and suspicious access patterns and identifies known ransomware signatures to block data access in real-time, the company said. In addition, File analytics also identifies misconfigurations and allows for immutable snapshots capabilities, according to the statement.

New features within the Nutanix Objects storage solution also protect application data, according to the statement. Objects includes more granular permissions to access object data for primary and secondary storage and offers the ability to configure write once, read many (WORM) policies for individual files and objects to guard against unauthorized deletion or encryption of data, according to the statement. Additionally, Objects’ locking features meet the non-rewritable and non-erasable storage requirements for electronic records as specified under the relevant SEC, FINRA, and CFTC regulations, according to the statement.

Finally, the Nutanix platform supports Microsoft Windows Credential Guard for virtual machines and virtual desktops running on the AHV hypervisor, according to the statement, which protects against credential theft attacks on Microsoft OS environments, a common vector used by ransomware to gain administrative privileges, Nutanix said in the statement.

Rajiv Mirani, CTO, Nutanix
Rajiv Mirani, CTO, Nutanix

Nutanix Ransomware Protections: Defense in Depth

“CIOs and CISOs know that there is no one solution that provides 100% protection against ransomware or other types of malware attacks, and the current remote and hybrid work models widen an enterprise’s attack surface,” said Rajiv Mirani, chief technology officer at Nutanix. “Enterprises need a defense in depth approach to security, starting with their IT infrastructure. However, the right security tools need to also be simple and seamless to implement. Nutanix delivers a strengthened cloud platform out of the box, with an even richer set of ransomware protections available now.”