Managed Services

NinjaOne Unveils Enhanced IT Management Platform Features in Summer 2023 Release

NinjaOne, an IT management platform for managed service providers (MSPs) and IT departments, announced advancements to its platform, which the company says will enhance automation and improve visibility into over five million devices used by its global customers.

The Summer 2023 release of NinjaOne was informed by feedback from thousands of its users, leading to numerous updates aimed at boosting productivity and operational efficiency, the company said.

With the shift in traditional working models and the rise in remote and hybrid work, IT environments face growing complexities. NinjaOne's platform is designed to support IT operations across all devices and user locations.

The new release introduces over 30 features and product enhancements. Among them are heightened visibility into patching status and endpoint health and enhanced reporting capabilities on device information. Additionally, the platform offers more robust automation tools, enabling customers to streamline their IT operations.

NinjaOne Enhancements: Additional Commentary

Robert Gibbons, CTO, NinjaOne, commented:

“Our customers continue to serve as the driving force behind our innovations... With our investments in new automation and visibility capabilities, everything we design and enhance is centered around delivering a seamless customer experience.”

Kyle Thompson, Manager of Global Infrastructure Operations, Patra Corporation, said:

“We’re huge fans of NinjaOne’s patching capabilities... The new patching dashboard makes our jobs even easier because now we have clear visibility into OS patch status for all of our endpoints... and we constantly leverage this information to make faster, more informed decisions to maintain a strong security posture.”

Robert Thaller, President, Net-Flow Corporation, added:

"NinjaOne's new device search grid allows me to track all device data by easily filtering, adding or arranging device information I need to see on any group of devices at a glance. It's a dramatic improvement that makes managing multiple devices effortless while improving operational efficiencies.”

NinjaOne’s New Features

The release highlights include:

  • NinjaOne's Software Package Repository: An automation tool allowing technicians to bundle necessary elements for software installation workflows. These can be stored and accessed as needed.
  • Dynamic Script Forms: Technicians can input parameters into scripts via a form, facilitating the customization of script results without modifying the script code.
  • Patch Management Dashboard: Available globally, offering an overview of the status of all device patches.
  • Device Search Grid: Technicians can organize device information, with filters to provide a more tailored view.
  • Policies by Location: Allows for more specific endpoint management based on location, enhancing productivity.