Managed Services

Nine Minds Introduces AI Solution for Managed Service Providers

Nine Minds has launched a new beta product, Octavia, aimed at enhancing the efficiency of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) through AI. 

The goal of Octavia is to aid IT service providers in processing a greater number of incoming tickets, according to Nine Minds.

The tool focuses on automating routine tasks, thereby potentially allowing MSPs to concentrate on value-added services instead of traditional time-consuming responses.

About Nine Minds

Nine Minds CEO Robert Isaacs spent over 20 years developing software for technology service providers. He formerly served as Chief Software Architect at ConnectWise.

Bellini Capital, an investment firm with a focus on technology innovation in Tampa, provides funding for Nine Minds.

Product Features

Octavia, developed by Nine Minds, is integrated with ConnectWise and is also set to be available as an extension for other platforms. Among its features are:

  • Determining the nature and urgency of a request.
  • Accurately summarizing issues.
  • Providing targeted advice for resolving specific issues.
  • Sensing sentiment for organic-sounding responses, which may facilitate more prompt customer communications.
  • Generating client-facing reports that detail metrics such as response times and categorized issue resolutions.

Leadership Insight

Robert Isaacs, CEO, Nine Minds, commented:

"Nine Minds is addressing one of the major gaps for MSPs: efficient customer support. Octavia is designed to make operations smoother for workplaces and employees by potentially enhancing service response and delivery. This is just an introduction to what AI might bring to MSPs, with Nine Minds aiming to be at the forefront."

Arnie Bellini, Managing Partner, Bellini Capital, said:

“Bellini Capital's vision is to open new paths for MSPs to scale their businesses, which are vital components of our economy. Nine Minds' endeavor to develop tools for MSPs aligns with our focus. Their approach of using AI to streamline tasks could help MSPs allocate resources more efficiently.”