Cloud Security

N2WS Unveils Backup & Recovery 4.2 for Azure and AWS


N2WS has announced updates to its Backup & Recovery software with the release of version 4.2, now available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. 

This version brings advanced capabilities aimed at addressing challenges associated with data loss, system downtimes, and unexpected outages, the company said.

With the increasing reliance on digital platforms, disruptions such as system downtimes and data loss can affect business operations. Version 4.2 for Microsoft Azure has been developed to mitigate these risks, providing tools for business continuity and enterprise security for organizations using the platform, according to N2WS.

Simultaneously, N2WS has rolled out a new version of its Backup and Recovery solution for Amazon Web Services (AWS). This update includes substantial enhancements and integrations to optimize protection for enterprise workloads on AWS.

The growing shift towards cloud-based solutions has emphasized the need for reliable backup and recovery systems. N2WS's recent offerings for both Azure and AWS aim to address this demand, reflecting the company's commitment to facilitating secure business operations across various sectors, the company said.

N2WS’ New Roll Out: Insider Commentary

Sebastian Straub, principal solutions architect, N2WS, commented:

"The security of workloads on cloud infrastructure such as AWS is paramount as businesses continue to leverage cloud services. Securing AWS workloads isn't just a good practice — it's a crucial component of successful business operations.”

Uri Wolloch, CTO, N2WS, said:

"In today's complex and dynamic digital landscape, ensuring business continuity and data security is non-negotiable. N2WS Backup & Recovery version 4.2 addresses these challenges head-on."