Cloud Security

SaaS Alerts Launches ‘MSP Shield’ NFR Licenses

Cloud security provider SaaS Alerts debuted a new deal for non-partners. In an interview with ChannelE2E, Jim Lippie, CEO of SaaS Alerts, said the company will offer a free version of MSP Shield to managed service providers who aren't SaaS Alerts partners to use within their own business for one year under a not-for-resale (NFR) license.

Lippie announced MSP Shield at the Kaseya Connect event in Las Vegas. The SaaS Alerts platform protects cloud-based software applications via the monitoring of SaaS events such as user activity, configuration changes, unauthorized access and security events in real-time.

SaaS Alerts already offers free NFR licenses to its MSP partners. It will extend those licenses for free to any MSP for up to a year, Lippie said.

With the release of MSP Shield, SaaS Alerts extends the reach of its services beyond its traditional partner network, Lippie said. This broadened access is designed to enhance the overall security posture of the MSP community globally, Lippie said.

By reducing alert fatigue -- a common challenge where too many security alerts can overwhelm system operators -- SaaS Alerts and MSP Shield boosts MSPs' responsiveness and effectiveness in identifying real security events and threats and mitigating them.

Lippie also provided an update on the "I Want My SaaS Alerts" campaign, an effort to persuade software providers to include security logs in their APIs. This initiative seeks to improve transparency and the monitoring capabilities essential for MSPs managing sensitive data across diverse platforms.

The “I Want My SaaS Alters” campaign, Lippie said, has successfully influenced major software providers to integrate security logs into their APIs. This significantly enhances the security infrastructure available to MSPs and their clients, he said. View the full video interview with Lippie for additional details.