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N-able Expands Security Suite with New MDR Service

MSP platform company N-able, Inc., has expanded its security suite with the launch of N-able Managed Detection and Response (MDR). 

N-able CEO John Pugliuca teased the new security offering in a couple recent interviews with ChannelE2E. Check out the story and the video.

This new service is designed to bolster cybersecurity for small and mid-sized organizations, leveraging the capabilities of managed service providers (MSPs), according to the company.

What Other MSP Platform Companies are Doing with MDR

N-able's not the only MSP platform provider to provide MDR services to MSPs. ConnectWise and Kaseya both have MDR service offerings for the MSP partners. In addition, Syncro's CEO told ChannelE2E that the company considered cybersecurity to be a third pillar for MSPs in addition to RMM and PSA. It's not clear whether Syncro is building its own MDR or not, but ChannelE2E will be closely following developments there.

New Cybersecurity Solution for MSPs

The N-able MDR service merges a high-tech security operations platform with expert oversight, N-able said. It is intended to support MSPs in offering scalable and profitable cybersecurity solutions to their clients. 

This service is notable for its emphasis on real-time visibility and collaboration, enabling MSPs, client organizations, and security analysts to work together effectively. It also integrates AI for advanced threat detection and response, coupled with threat hunting, vulnerability management, darknet monitoring, and compliance support.

Addressing the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

As reported by Canalys, the cybersecurity sector faces a significant challenge due to the shortage of qualified professionals. 

In this context, services like N-able MDR are seen as crucial for providing necessary cybersecurity capabilities, especially in sectors where access to expert personnel is limited. 

The report suggests a shift in the market towards managed security and integration services, potentially outpacing the demand for cybersecurity technology itself.

John Pagliuca, president and CEO, N-able, commented: 

“The level of transparency and collaboration that N-able MDR creates between an MSP and its clients is a unique value on its own. The increasing demand for cybersecurity expertise amid growing threats, regulations, and staffing challenges underscores the need for comprehensive services like ours.”

Availability and Future Plans

Currently, N-able MDR is available to partners in North America. The company plans to extend this offering to EMEA partners in the first quarter of 2024, with other regions following suit.