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Microsoft Announces New Partner Benefits Packages

Microsoft has unveiled a series of new partner benefits packages designed to support the growth and development of its partners globally. 

The announcement introduced three distinct packages: Partner Launch Benefits, Partner Success Core Benefits, and Partner Success Expanded Benefits, each tailored to the different stages of partner growth.

According to the company, these new packages aim to provide a comprehensive range of product, support, and advisory benefits. They are intended to complement existing Solutions Partner and ISV Success core and expanded benefits, offering a holistic approach to partner development.

Inside the New Partner Benefits Packages

The Partner Launch Benefits are designed for those beginning their journey with Microsoft, offering tools to discover, use, and test Microsoft products. As partners progress, the Partner Success Core Benefits provide a more robust set of tools and support. For partners looking to scale at a larger level, the Partner Success Expanded Benefits deliver a comprehensive range of product benefits and support, the company said.

These packages can be purchased individually and in addition to existing benefits like ISV Success.

Each package includes Microsoft Sales Copilot and Copilot (formerly Bing Chat or Bing Chat Enterprise), designed to maximize sales team efficiency and improve customer interactions while boosting productivity through access to powerful AI models.

Scaling Business with Cost-Saving Benefits

Purchasing a benefits package allows partners to unlock essential tools at a significant discount, Microsoft pointed out. 

Access to in-demand product licenses, Azure credits, and support enables partners to build, test, and deliver high-performing solutions and make stronger product recommendations to customers.

Additional Updates and Changes

In addition to the new benefits packages, Microsoft says it is also working on changes to other offerings, including new designations for ISV solutions: Solutions Partner with certified software and Signature Cloud Support benefits. 

The certified software designations, announced during Microsoft Inspire 2023, will be available for qualifying cloud software solutions, signifying to customers that the solution meets technical criteria for interoperability with the Microsoft Cloud.

The new partner benefits packages are available in major markets as of January 22, 2024, and will be expanded to most other geographies by the end of March 2024.