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Lenovo Data Center Group Launches Updates to ThinkSystem Solutions

Lenovo Data Center Group has announced updates to its ThinkSystem data management solutions, including improved analytics and predictive AI, a new ThinkSystem all-flash storage array and a fibre channel switch, the hardware company says.

The new solutions include the ThinkSystem DM Series Storage Manager OS, ThinkSystem Intelligent Monitoring software, a new ThinkSystem DM5100F All-Flash Storage Array, Lenovo DB720S Fibre Channel switch and a collaboration with NetApp and NVIDIA for an AI training reference architecture, according to the statement.

Lenovo Data Center Group Launches ThinkSystem Updates

Stuart McRae, executive vice president, general manager, storage, Lenovo Data Center Group
Stuart McRae, executive director, general manager, storage, Lenovo DCG

The Lenovo ThinkSystem DM Series Storage Manager OS features advanced hybrid cloud data management capabilities, according to Lenovo.

Lenovo also updated its ThinkSystem Intelligent Monitoring 2.0 software solution for cloud-based management with improved analytics and predictive AI guidance, according to the statement.

The cloud-based management platform uses AI to automate monitoring and management of Lenovo’s ThinkSystem storage environment, including storage capacity and performance for multiple locations from a single interface, Lenovo said. This will allow partners and customers to predict capacity and performance issues before they happen, and receive prescriptive guidance enabled by AI, according to the statement.

The new ThinkSystem DM5100F All-Flash Storage Array offers end-to-end NVMe support to deliver 45% improved performance over the prior model, according to Lenovo. Included S3 Object support allows customers to manage and analyze all data types (block, file and object) within a single unified data storage and management platform, which Lenovo says will accelerate processing of data analytics while reducing infrastructure costs.

Lenovo’s DM series storage also includes transparent failover and native object storage management for enhanced data protection; partners and customers also can add cold-data tiering from hard drives to the cloud or replicate data to the cloud to reduce data management costs.

The new Lenovo DB720S Fibre Channel Switch can accelerate application performance by offering higher speeds and 50% lower latency than previous generations, according to the statement. The new switch provides 32Gbps and 64Gbps storage networking, autonomous SAN infrastructure with self-learning, self-optimizing, and self-healing capabilities to reduce downtime and simplify storage network management, according to Lenovo.

Lenovo, NetApp, NVIDIA Collaborate on Reference Architecture for AI Training System

Finally, Lenovo, NetApp and NVIDIA recently collaborated on a Reference Architecture for an AI Training System, according to the statement. The architecture combines ThinkSystem SR670 servers with NVIDIA GPUs and ThinkSystem DM5000F All-Flash storage, to help businesses of all sizes optimize and gain value from AI-enabled systems, according to the statement.

“Customers continue to face challenges implementing a cohesive data management system to analyze and process data more efficiently,” said Stuart McRae, executive director and general manager, storage, Lenovo Data Center Group. “Lenovo’s unique state-of-the-art data management architecture, in combination with the industry’s most reliable2 ThinkSystem servers, enables customers to accelerate Analytics and AI within a single platform.”