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Intuit Launches QuickBooks Commerce Omnichannel Sales Platform for Small Business


Intuit has launched QuickBooks Commerce, a business management platform to help small businesses attract and sell to customers across multiple channels and, ultimately, grow their revenues, the company said in a statement.

QuickBooks Commerce allows small business owners to access new opportunities and integrate existing sales channels, manage orders and fulfillment, sync inventory across online and offline channels, avoid out-of-stock issues and get profitability insights.

QuickBooks Commerce Omnichannel: More Details

Most small businesses struggle to keep track of the myriad ways their customers want to shop — whether in-store, online or across multiple digital marketplaces; keeping track of multiple channels can be overwhelming.

In fact, a recent Intuit research study found that 87 percent of small businesses that will open in the next 12 months will be online or a combination of online and offline, yet 84 percent of product-based businesses (PBBs) selling in multiple channels still use pen and paper or spreadsheets to reconcile inventory. Fifty percent of survey respondents are reluctant to add another sales channel because of the fear of adding operational complexity, according to the survey report.

Intuit says QuickBooks Commerce will provide a one-stop shop for small businesses to connect with marketplaces, websites and sales system providers to provide a diverse array of options suited to the needs of all small business owners— no matter where they sell.

QuickBooks Commerce is an open platform, so small businesses can integrate existing channels while expanding to new ones and manage everything within QuickBooks, according to the company. QuickBooks Commerce e-commerce partnerships include a wide range of online and in-person sales options, including collaborations with Amazon, ShopKeep, and Squarespace, according to the statement.

Intuit's Focus on Small Business Partners and Customers

Gavin Orleow,
Gavin Orleow, vice president, global partner channels, Intuit
Alex Chriss, EVP and GM, Intuit small business group

“Attracting and managing customers across multiple sales touchpoints is vital to small business survival — especially now,” said Alex Chriss, EVP and GM of QuickBooks. “Meeting customers where they are is the new expectation, but small businesses are not set up or resourced to manage this complexity effectively. QuickBooks Commerce helps small businesses grow by helping them sell across more channels while reducing the time they spend on operations.”

The QuickBooks Commerce launch comes just weeks after former Microsoft exec Gavin Orleow joined Intuit as VP of global partner channels. Intuit has made serious moves to drive growth through its small business partners and reseller channel, as ChannelE2E reported earlier this month.