Managed Services

Insight Enterprises Launches Global Managed Cloud Service

Credit: Pixabay

Insight Enterprises, a solutions integrator for Fortune 500 companies, is expanding its service lineup with a global managed cloud offering.

The new Insight Managed Cloud Services promises to offload the cloud management responsibilities from IT departments, targeting better performance and user experiences in Microsoft Azure settings, with the flexibility to incorporate multi-cloud strategies, including Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, the company said.

Insight's worldwide support centers, equipped with experienced engineers, promise round-the-clock monitoring, comprehensive protection for data and endpoints, and prompt issue resolution, Insight announced.

Supporting Global Business Digitalization

Stan Lequin, president, Insight Solutions, commented:

"Managed cloud services are ideal for companies intensifying their cloud transition and wanting more cloud cost-management flexibility. With clients scaling their digital enterprises globally, Insight Managed Cloud Services aim for continuous refinement and simplification of multi-cloud resources. Our comprehensive digital transformation capability ranges from modernizing infrastructure to incorporating advanced tools like generative AI for better work experiences."

The Need for Enhanced Cloud Support

According to a digital transformation report by Foundry, 86% of businesses faced challenges from technical debt over the past year. 

Managing costs, ensuring security, and transitioning from outdated infrastructure can overwhelm IT teams. 

Insight says its offering provides comprehensive support and a transparent pricing structure with several goals in mind:

  • Boosting cloud capabilities for businesses
  • Optimizing performance and utilization
  • Bolstering security and compliance measures
  • Offering better cloud cost management
  • Freeing up resources for innovative initiatives

Insight's Global Delivery Network extends remote support via its expert teams across key regions: India, North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.