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IBM Announces New Service Track in Partner Plus Program

IBM has recently expanded its Partner Plus program by introducing a new Service track. 

This development aims to provide additional resources and opportunities for IBM partners, particularly in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and hybrid cloud technology.

IBM's Expansion of Partner Resources

The addition of the Service track to IBM’s Partner Plus program is designed to enhance collaboration with service partners such as Consultancies, Advisory Firms, Systems Integrators, and Managed Service Providers. 

The new track is intended to assist these partners in using IBM technology more effectively, particularly in adopting AI and hybrid cloud solutions.

Key Features of the New Service Track

The Service track includes several features aimed at supporting partners:

  • Collaborative initiatives with IBM to assist service partners in market-level operations and client demand generation.
  • Resources for co-developing service offerings and promoting IBM Technology.
  • Aligned objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs) between IBM sellers and service partners.
  • Specialized training courses and badges for service partners to enhance their technical skills.

Overview of IBM's Partner Program Developments

IBM's introduction of the new Service track follows a series of initiatives aimed at bolstering partner engagement. 

These initiatives include the launch of watsonx, an AI platform, and various training and support programs. IBM reports that these efforts are part of its ongoing strategy to strengthen its partner ecosystem.

IBM Partner Plus Program Milestones

IBM claims that since the launch of the Partner Plus program, the company has seen an increase in partner registrations and collaborative projects. 

The program reportedly focuses on fostering innovation and simplifying partner interactions with IBM.

IBM’s Future Outlook for Partner Collaboration

Looking ahead, IBM anticipates that the expansion of its partner program, including the new Service track, will further solidify its partnerships in the technology sector. The company says that this will be particularly relevant as more enterprises seek to leverage AI and cloud technologies.