Managed Security Services

Gaichu Managed Services Partners with Overwatch Managed Cybersecurity

Gaichu Managed Services, a provider in the Information Technology & Services sector, has announced a partnership with Overwatch Managed Cybersecurity, a division of High Wire Networks

This collaboration is intended to provide comprehensive cybersecurity solutions for businesses, according to the companies.

Offering Continuous Managed Cybersecurity

Gaichu Managed Services is a privately held company headquartered in Dover, Delaware and was founded in 2020.

The company’s cybersecurity services, powered by Overwatch, will provide 24/7 managed prevention, detection, and response solutions, the company said in a prepared statement. 

Available as a subscription service, these solutions aim to meet the security and compliance needs of a range of organizations.

High Wire Networks, which has a presence across four U.S. locations, including a Network and Security Operations Center in Chicago, and regional offices in Puerto Rico and the UK,  provides managed cybersecurity and technological services worldwide, collaborating with a variety of service providers, resellers, and manufacturers. 

Their partnership with Gaichu aligns with Gaichu's strategic objectives, focusing on expanding capabilities and growing their customer base in the North American cybersecurity market, the companies said.

Executive Commentary

Al Hay, CEO, Gaichu Managed Services, commented:

"Combining Gaichu Managed Services with High Wire Networks' managed cybersecurity solutions and expertise presents a collaborative approach. We aim to offer enhanced cybersecurity services to our customers facing increasing digital threats. As the digital economy evolves, this combined service seeks to provide businesses the tools they need to securely manage their digital assets."

Stephen LaMarche, COO, High Wire Networks, commented:

"The partnership between High Wire Networks and Gaichu Managed Services merges the strengths of both companies. Our goal is to offer customers continuous monitoring and timely response services."