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Freshdesk Releases Service Desk, Ticketing Updates

Freshdesk Mint
Freshdesk Mint

The workflow surrounding ticket handling is one of the most important parts of a successful service desk. Getting a ticket from creation to resolution as quickly and efficiently as possible should be top of mind. How the ticket gets from point A to point B can make all the difference in the world.

With this in mind, Freshdesk, the customer support platform, has been rebuilt into Freshdesk Mint. With Mint, the company is introducing a set of new features to improve support workflows.  In the first phase of transformation, the company is focusing on the Dashboard, Tickets and Contacts pages to better reflect how customers are currently using Freshdesk.

One of the first changes you will notice is to the navigation panel and dashboard. With the new left-aligned icon-based navigation, users will be able to navigate quickly between various sections of the helpdesk. There are also a few additions to the dashboard including a Today's trends widget that will allow you to see the received tickets count as compared to the previous day's for every hour. Within "Today's trends" you can also view helpdesk metrics including average response times, SLA resolution percentage and tickets received and tickets resolved. The dashboard will also let you filter the results based on specific groups or products.

Freshdesk Mint Enhancements: What's New?

Freshdesk has also made significant changes to the ticket views. Some of the new features, according to the company, include:

  • Ticket Card/Table view - the Ticket Table view is a simplified way of seeing the list of tickets in a view, in addition to the existing Ticket Card view.
  • Assign to Agent/Group - Assign tickets to a specific group from the Edit panel for each ticket.
  • Tags - Ticket tags now appear at the top of each ticket in the Ticket Card view.
  • CSAT response - View the CSAT rating that a ticket has received near the ticket source icon in the Ticket Card view.
  • Quick reply/add notes - Hovering over a ticket in either view shows a preview of the ticket description. You can now quickly reply or add notes to tickets from within the preview.
  • Jump to ticket view - Check the list of tickets in the current view as a pop-up in the Ticket details page, by clicking on the ellipsis between the navigation arrows at the top right. You can jump directly to a particular ticket from here.
  • Reply editor - A simplified Reply editor with all the extended features like formatting options, inserting canned responses/solution articles, including satisfaction surveys and attaching files as icons is now located at the bottom left of the editor.

Finally, the company has also made changes to the contacts area to help improve workflow for service desks. You are now able to create a ticket directly within a contact's details page. This can save a lot of time, especially when locating customers during a phone call.

Often technicians are much better at actually helping customers than documenting the support tickets. When software companies like Freshdesk make it easier to handle tickets, it can allow the technician to complete the documentation and move on to the next tickets quickly. It seems like these improvements can help do exactly that.