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Deloitte Acquires ATADATA for Multi-Cloud Management Capabilities

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Charles Wright
Charles Wright

Deloitte has acquired assets of ATADATA as it seeks to expand its multi-cloud management capabilities across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and more.

Deloitte says the Atlanta-based ATADATA’s cloud management and automation platform, ATAsphere, will expand its “robust end-to-end cloud offerings - from the strategy phase to the build and operate phases.”

ATAsphere works by mapping, migrating, and managing workloads in various combinations of on-premises and cloud environments to help optimize enterprise workloads at scale, the company says.. The service is compatible with 20 different cloud infrastructures globally, certified by AWS, works on Microsoft Azure, and is recommended by Google Cloud Platform.

"Deloitte has demonstrated exceptional success in driving innovation using cloud, digital, and cognitive technologies for a wide range of enterprise clients. We are excited to amplify that success by enabling simple, scalable data and application stacks for on-premise, private and public clouds," said Charles Wright, CEO and CTO, ATADATA. "Clients look to partner with companies that demonstrate deep technical migration expertise as a part of a comprehensive, strategic solution. With ATADATA's assets, Deloitte offers just that."

Wright will join the Deloitte team as chief commercial officer, ATADATA, alongside Ian Easton. Wright will also oversee advancements on the ATADATA platform.

Multi-Cloud Management, Workload Migrations

Deloitte, like many IT consulting firms and global systems integrators, has made significant cloud-related investments. Last year, the company acquired a number of companies including Strut Digital and Day1 Solutions’ analytics and cognitive cloud assets. Through the process the company has created 3,000 new engineering jobs in the United States.

Rivals are making similar moves. Companies like Accenture and IBM have been investing in Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Oracle, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Workday services, among other areas.