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Commvault Makes AI Co-Pilot Arlie Generally Available

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Following the launch in early November of its all-in-one data protection, security and AI-enabled resilience suite, Commvault Cloud, Commvault announced today that the company’s new AI Co-Pilot, Arlie, is officially available.

Arlie interfaces with generative AI models to provide personalized, actionable responses, the company said in a statement. The Commvault Cloud platform provides a single view and governance for complex hybrid enterprises, simplifying management and reducing risk. 

Other products available in the Commvault Cloud release include: 

Cloudburst Recovery: automates rapid and reliable recovery infrastructure setup, providing frictionless and scalable recovery for all your data.

Commvault Cloud Platinum Resilience: a fully managed service that provides comprehensive hybrid data protection and resilience, advanced automation, cyber deception, recovery testing, and security audits.

Commvault Cloud - Customer-managed software update 2024: availability for customers who choose to self-manage Commvault Cloud – introducing additional enhancements to enable true data security and recovery in the cloud.

Cleanroom Recovery: a cutting-edge service that provides a secure, isolated environment in the cloud, purpose-built for data recovery after a cyberattack.

Introducing Arlie: Commvault's AI Co-pilot 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) have been part of Commvault’s platform for years, and Arlie is now available 24/7 throughout the Commvault Cloud platform. Arlie leverages a generative AI model to deliver personalized and actionable responses, all in plain language. Through an easily accessible search bar, customers can use Arlie to perform:

  • Real-time threat analysis and concise reports: Arlie provides you with real-time insights and succinct reports on the latest cyber resiliency health. No more sifting through data to prioritize crucial information. Arlie does the heavy lifting for you.
  • Simplified integrations and code actions: Building integrations or coding actions is now a breeze. Just describe what you want to do, and Commvault Cloud generates the necessary code on the spot. No more struggling with complex coding processes. Arlie streamlines the entire process for you.
  • Context-sensitive guided walk-throughs: Setting up, customizing, and fine-tuning Commvault Cloud to meet your specific needs has never been easier. Simply ask Arlie “how to” questions, and you’ll receive step-by-step documentation complete with annotated screenshots. Arlie provides context-sensitive guided walk-throughs, ensuring you have all the information you need at your fingertips.
  • Generative AI-powered performance monitoring: Keep a close eye on Commvault Cloud’s performance with the help of generative AI. Arlie identifies issues, provides fixes, and offers real-time optimization recommendations for enhanced cyber resilience. Stay ahead of potential problems and optimize your system effortlessly.