Managed Security Services

AWS Intros Cyber Insurance and Resilience Competencies

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched two programs aimed at strengthening cybersecurity and operational resilience for businesses, with a focus on small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). 

First unveiled at the company’s re:Invent conference, the Cyber Insurance Competency and Resilience Competency programs are specifically designed to aid in obtaining cyber insurance and enhancing workload resilience using AWS Cloud and its partners, according to AWS.

Cyber Insurance Competency: Support for SMBs in Cybersecurity

The Cyber Insurance Competency program is established to help SMBs navigate the complexities of cyber insurance. 

It is particularly beneficial for smaller companies that generally lack the resources and expertise of larger enterprises, the company claimed. 

AWS integrates security posture assessments through AWS Security Hub to facilitate SMBs in accessing affordable cyber insurance policies, providing protection against threats like ransomware attacks and data breaches.

Resilience Competency: Advancing Business Continuity

In conjunction with this, the Resilience Competency program assists businesses in increasing their operational resilience. 

This is crucial, as unplanned system downtimes can significantly impact large companies financially, according to the company. 

The program involves specialized AWS partners offering professional consulting and engineering services focused on developing resilient solutions that ensure high availability and continuity of critical workloads.

Annual re:Invent Conference

re:Invent is an annual conference organized by Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

The event primarily focuses on introducing new AWS products and services and presenting advancements in cloud computing technologies. It also includes educational sessions for attendees. 

The conference typically attracts a wide range of participants, including developers, engineers, system administrators, and business leaders.