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How to Integrate Datto Autotask PSA and Google G Suite

Does your MSP business need to integrate customer billing between Autotask PSA (from Datto) and Google G Suite? Perhaps Goolash can help. The Belgium-based system integrator has launched Automaker for G Suite service.

Goolash Owner Jef Bogaerts
Goolash Owner Jef Bogaerts

Automaker creates contracts in a user’s instance of Autotask PSA for every G Suite subscription sold, according to Goolash owner Jef Bogaerts.

Goolash, launched in September 2017, speaks, thinks and eats Google-oriented services, Bogaerts asserts. The key goal: Connecting applications with applications, "using thebest cloud platform available," he asserts.

Bogaerts is quite familiar with MSP business models and their day-to-day needs. He's also owner of  Cavere, which delivers cloud-centric IT solutions to small and midsize (SMB) companies.

Datto Autotask PSA & Google Apps: How Goolash Integration Works

In the case of Automaker, the Autotask-Google integration can track changes, add new subscribers, and count the usage of add-ons like Google Drive, and automatically pass those changes along to client contracts and billing, Goolash says.

Assuming Automaker works as advertised, the service could be great news for MSPs that currently manage such processes manually. After all, customers are are notorious for not keeping their MSP partners in the loop for adds and changes to their staff.

On the flip side, MSPs may not have time to make  manual contract changes. Further complicating matters, there could be a failure to communicate between helpdesk and billing. Or, perhaps the MSP's Level 1 Technicians can create new Google G Suite users -- but they don't have the proper access to change the contract or billing information, and could potentially fail to pass the information along to the proper MSP employee.

Those manual processes and miscommunications can harm an MSP's monthly recurring revenues (MRR). Indeed, when the MSP is billed from companies like Google and Microsoft, and they fail to pass those additions on to their client, they will be left with the fiscal deficit to cover.

Additional reporting by Joe Panettieri