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Arm Launches Pelion IoT Device Monitoring, Data Management Platform

The amount of data collected by business and personal devices continues to grow exponentially. In fact, 163 zettabytes (ZB) of data will be created or copied by 2025, IDC predicts. Much of the data boom involves IoT devices in homes and businesses throughout the world.

In order to manage massive volumes of data, businesses need to be able to seamlessly connect and manage their IoT devices, as well as manage their data flows. There also needs to include at least some level of artificial intelligence to compile, interpret and report the data being collected.

Arm Holdings, the chip designer owned by Softbank, is taking steps to address those challenges -- and opportunities. Our report about Arm looking to acquire Treasure Data is now confirmed. Treasure Data allows customers to aggregate and translate massive volumes of scattered and siloed data. The company’s technology deals with data from numerous sources -- CRM, e-commerce systems, edge, IoT devices, and any third-party data. The result for customers is an ability to derive meaningful and actionable insights from any disparate data mix., Arm asserts.

Arm Launches IoT Monitoring Platform

Arm newly acquired technology from Treasure Data together with another recent acquisition (Stream) for connectivity management, is now being combined with Arm Mbed Cloud to create a new product, the Arm Pelion IoT Platform.

The Pelion IoT Platform offers:

  • Device Management – Secure and consistent IoT device provisioning, identity and access management and updates for any system set-up;
  • Connectivity Management – Support for a range of wireless connectivity standards for any device, region or use case, including enablement of eSIM secure identification;
  • Data Management – Analysis of trusted data, from individual devices to enterprise-wide big data deployments, including third-party data (works horizontally across apps and use-cases).

According to the company, the Pelion IoT Platform delivers a combined ecosystem of 140+ partners spanning silicon, mobile, network operators (MNOs), channel, technology providers and more. The technology from Treasure Data provides Pelion IoT Platform with the ability to handle the massive amount of streaming web, mobile, and IoT data. Currently, Treasure Data’s platform already handles two million events a second and processes hundreds of thousands of queries and 50 trillion records a day.

The Pelion IoT Platform is available now. Development of Treasure Data's technology also continues, and it remains available as a standalone service for existing and new customers.

MSPs and IoT Monitoring

The vast majority of MSP-centric remote monitoring and management (RMM) software platforms focus mainly on PC, server and perhaps some network or cloud monitoring. For many MSPs and their software providers, the IoT market remains elusive.

Still, IoT partner success stories are emerging -- particularly as MSPs and ISVs build IoT applications on public cloud services like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure. In recent days, Amazon launched an IoT device security service to help safeguard such applications.

Roll in new offerings like Pelion IoT Platform, and it's clear that RMM systems need to extend beyond their client-server heritage.

Additional insights by Joe Panettieri.