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Apptio Targets Partner Interoperability and Integration

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Apptio, a company specializing in technology spend and value management, has announced updates to its Technology Business Management (TBM) platform during the annual TBM Conference

These updates are designed to improve partner interoperability and integration capabilities, allowing customers to more easily integrate data from essential business applications and processes such as ServiceNow, according to the company. 

The enhancements also aim to provide partners with additional customization options and the ability to build solutions directly on its platform, Aptio said. Updates have been applied across Apptio’s portfolio of SaaS applications, including ApptioOne, Cloudability, and Targetprocess.

Expanding Multi-Cloud FinOps Capabilities

Apptio’s Cloudability platform now includes integration support for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), extending the company’s multi-cloud FinOps capabilities. 

In addition, Apptio announced the beta availability of Cloudability MSP, a service intended to support managed service providers in managing and optimizing cloud costs for their clients. 

In the Enterprise Agile Management space, Apptio has introduced a preview of its new partner authoring capability within the Targetprocess Solutions Library. This feature provides customers with access to ready-made templates, aiding in the management of labor and costs related to digital products and applications.

Insights and Comments from Industry Leaders

Ajay Patel, Chief Operating Officer at Apptio, commented:

"As organizations extend TBM to new use cases and business processes, it’s essential for Apptio to integrate with the many applications, clouds, and systems enterprises have to deliver cost transparency, insights, and data-driven actions to optimize business performance."

ServiceNow Integration for Enhanced Data Insights

Apptio has announced two new integrations with ServiceNow, aiming to provide joint customers with enhanced visibility and analytics capabilities. 

The first integration allows for bi-directional data flow, enabling ApptioOne’s technology costing data to be integrated back into ServiceNow. This integration combines operational and financial metrics into a single view. 

The second integration introduces a new automated workflow management capability within the Cloudability platform, facilitating end-to-end workflow management for rightsizing recommendations in public clouds.

Extended Support for Multiple Cloud Providers

Apptio continues to enhance its multi-cloud support with the addition of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to its Cloudability platform. This development allows partners to offer a broader range of marketplace offerings and provides customers with the ability to manage spend across various cloud platforms, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, the company said. Apptio plans to extend support to IBM Cloud in 2024.

Earlier this year, Apptio also announced an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) integration designed to help organizations "understand, visualize and optimize their cloud environments," according to a prepared statement.

IBM to Acquire Apptio

The OCI integration announcement comes after IBM in June 2023 reached an agreement to acquire Apptio for $4.6 billion. The deal closed in August 2023.

Apptio offers financial operations (FinOps) and technology business management (TBM) solutions to thousands of organizations. The company partners with MSPs, CSPs and systems integrators. To date, Apptio has partnered with over 80 technology providers.