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Akamai Technologies Updates Partner Program


Akamai Technologies is rolling out new enhancements to its flagship partner program.

Akamai Partner Program updates include new pricing discounts, streamlined partner onboarding and deal management, and insider access to Akamai experts and product news, the company said.

Akamai Updates Partner Program

The program, the latest version of which was unveiled in January 2021, will provide additional pricing discounts for new deals to channel partners up-front, which the company says will help align financial rewards with the goals of field sales professionals, ensuring that incentives are aligned. The streamlined onboarding process will allow new channel partners access the platform more quickly, the company said.

In the coming months, Akamai says it will roll out a series of improvements that make it easier to register and manage new opportunities and streamline business planning and partner performance management.

Partner content assets are also being updated to be more actionable, with more consumable formats and simplified categorization, making it easier for partners to access the information they need to be successful.

Akamai’s Partner Program Updates: Executive Commentary

Paul Joseph, EVP, Global Sales and Services, Akamai
Paul Joseph, EVP, Global Sales and Services, Akamai

Giovanni Cicu, CEO at Defenx and Fidogroup, an Akamai partner, commented:

“We have enjoyed a trusted and tight relationship with Akamai since 2004. Defenx started as a customer, becoming an elite partner right after that — we see our team as an extension of Akamai's own. We have worked with Akamai to enter new markets and scale our business globally, protecting our customers and delivering the best experience.”

Jose Dias, CEO, Arturai, a BV Tech company, an Akamai partner, said:

“We've enjoyed partnering with Akamai since 2001. Together, we have a deep understanding of the market and available opportunities, combining Cloud & Enterprise Security with Cloud optimization platforms that allow us to help online businesses provide secure and optimized user experiences. We're excited to continue our collaboration and take advantage of the enhancements to the Akamai Partner Program.”

Paul Joseph, EVP, Global Sales and Services, Akamai, added:

“Our channel partners are essential to Akamai’s continued growth. These Partner Program enhancements recognize the strong joint value that customers are realizing from our integrated offerings. We are committed to being the partner of choice in our market and will continue to evolve our Partner Program to ensure we are fully aligned with the needs of our partners and their customers.”