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Accenture Launches Generative AI Integration Services

Humans and AI

Accenture has launched a series of new services designed to help companies customize and scale the use of generative AI throughout their organization. 

A recent Accenture report found that 74% of C-suite planned to increase their AI-related spending in 2024. This new set of services will provide them with the necessary tools to implement customized foundation models with proprietary data, according to a statement from Accenture. These specialized services include:  

  • Proprietary “switchboard” that allows users to test a combination of models to determine the best fit for their company based on business context or factors, such as cost or accuracy.  
  • Customized LLMs for specific business context, data sources and various techniques, along with managed services for ongoing finetuning and prompt engineering. 
  • Skills and capabilities, including comprehensive training and certification programs, to help clients effectively use and manage LLMs.  

The new services build on the firm's $3 billion investment in AI. Accenture’s foundation model services and its proprietary LLM assets were developed by its Center for Advanced AI, the company said in the statement. Accenture has more than 1,450 pending and issued patents in AI, including proprietary capabilities in generative AI, such as fine-tuning, prompt engineering and model architecture. Accenture continues to collaborate with leading academic institutions, including the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered AI, to develop training programs in an effort to help meet the demand for new AI skills, the company said. 

"Companies that want to harness the power of generative AI will need an array of specialized models,” added Karthik Narain, group chief executive, Accenture Technology. “Our switchboard is designed to enable companies to do this at scale while managing costs and carbon footprint, aligning the right models to the business context. Our set of customization services can help companies contextualize AI models for their unique needs, transforming every link in their value chain.”