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127 Accenture Acquisitions Listed: Digital, Big Data Analytics, Cloud and Cybersecurity Buyouts

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Global IT consulting firm Accenture ($ACN) typically acquires dozens of companies each year. Many of the deals focus on cloud services, cybersecurity, digital transformation, data and analytics, managed services, sustainability and ad agencies. Here's a list of Accenture acquisitions that ChannelE2E has tracked since 2019: 127. November: Big Data and AI consultancy ALBERT. 126. October: Insurance technology firm Blackcomb. 125. September 2022: The manufacturing and supply chain management consulting business from Stellantis. 124. September 2022: The Beacon Group, a Fortune 500 growth strategy consultancy. 123. September 2022: Oracle supply chain management consultancy Inspirage. 122. September 2022: Supply chain management consultancy MacGregor Partners. 121. September 2022: Climate change and sustainability consultancy Carbon Intelligence. 119 and 120. August 2022: Romp and YSC Consulting. 118. August 2022: Cloud MSP and IT consulting firm Sentia. 117. August 2022: Tenbu for big data, analytics and cloud consultancy expertise. 116. July 2022: Solvera Solutions for ServiceNow, Microsoft and SAP expertise. 115. July 2022: Eclipse Automation for  vertical market automation and robotics solutions. 114. July 2022: The Stable for digital commerce expertise. 113. June 2022: Silicon design services company XtremeEDA. 112. June 2022: Advocate Networks. 111. June 2022:  Allgemeines Rechenzentrum GmbH (ARZ), a technology service provider focused on the banking sector in Austria. 110. May 2022: Sustainability consultancy akzente. 109. April 2022: Big data and analytics firm Ergo. 108. April 2022: Sustainability consulting company Greenfish. 107. April 2022: Sustainability consulting company Avieco. 106. March 2022: Operational technology capabilities from Trancom ITS. 105. March 2022: Alfa Consulting, a supply chain management firm. 104. December 2021: Zestgroup, a services firm specializing in energy transitions, net carbon-zero projects and procurement of renewables. 103. December 2021: AFD.TECH for 5G and fiber network consulting. 102. December 2021: Headspring, a multi-cloud MSP that has Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services expertise. 101. November 2021: Salesforce partner Tambourine. See next page for Accenture acquisitions 100 through 81. Accenture acquisitions 100 through 81. 100. November 2021: Founders Intelligence. 99. November 2021: T.A. Cook for asset performance management and factory floor automation services. 98. November 2021: ClearEdge Partners, which specializes in procurement spend management. 97. October 2021: BCS Consulting, a UK-based management consultancy. 96. October 2021: Glamit, a boutique e-commerce agency. 95. October 2021: Artificial intelligence and analytics firm BridgeI2I. 94. October 2021: Advoco, a system integrator for Infor EAM, a SaaS suite for enterprise asset management (EAM). 93. September 2021: Experity, a cloud-focused customer experience and digital commerce platform provider 92. September 2021: King James Group, a creative agency in South Africa. 91. September 2021: Benext for agile coaching, cloud-based software development and data science expertise. 90. September 2021: Gevity, a healthcare technology consulting firm in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. 89. August 2021: Supply chain consulting firm Blue Horseshore, a Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform and Oracle NetSuite partner. 88. August 2021: Strategic IT consulting firm LEXTA. 87. July 2021: Commerce consulting company Openmind. 86. July 2021: HRC Retail Advisory for strategic retail consulting services. 85. July 2021: Workday partner Workforce Insight. 84. July 2021: Oracle Cloud implementation service provider Cloudworks. 83. July 2021: Google cloud consulting partner Wabion. 82. July 2021: Infrastructure consulting firm CS Technology. 81. July 2021: IT services provider Trivadis. See next page for Accenture acquisitions 80 through 61. Accenture acquisitions 80 through 61. 80. July 2021: SAP partner Ethica Consulting Group 79. June 2021: Bionic, a consulting firm that assists entrepreneurial product launches. 78. June 2021: Exton Consulting of France. 77. June 2021: Sentor for MSSP and cyber defense services. 76. June 2021: DI Square for digital transformation expertise in the manufacturing and automotive vertical. 75. June 2021: Technology engineering firm Umlaut, which has 4,200 employees. 74. June 2021: Ad Agency Entropia. 73. June 2021: Novetta for government analytics expertise. 72. June 2021: Paris-based consulting and technology company Nell’Armonia, 71. May 2021: AWS cloud partner Industrie&Co. 70. May 2021: Management consulting firm Homburg & Partner. 69. May 2021: French MSP Linkbynet. 68. May 2021: ThinkTank for enterprise software project management. 67. May 2021: Electro 80 for operational technology (OT) consulting in Australia. 66. April 2021: Openminded, an MSSP and cybersecurity services company in France. 65. April 2021: Root Inc., a "strategy activation company." 64. April 2021: Core Compete for cloud analytics. 63. March 2021: Cygni for cloud, mobile and full-stack software development. 62. March 2021: Fable+, which develops a proprietary cloud-based app to measure psychological safety & team performance. 61. March 2021: REPL Group, a Blue Yonder partner focused on supply chains for retail customers. See next page for Accenture acquisitions 60 through 41. Accenture acquisitions 60 through 41. 60. March 2021: GRA, a supply chain and logistics consulting firm in Australia. 59. March 2021: Pollux, an industrial robotics and factory automation company focused on manufacturing companies and assembly lines. 58. March 2021: Cirrus, a leadership and talent consultancy based in the United Kingdom. 57. February 2021: Edenhouse, an SAP cloud and on-premises application consulting partner in the United Kingdom. 56. February 2021: Infinity Works, an Amazon Web Services and Snowflake data cloud partner. 55. February 2021: Future State, a woman-led, woman-owned change management consulting firm. 54. February 2021: Accenture acquired Businet System. 53. February 2021: Imaginea, a software engineering and professional services firm for AWS, Azure and GCP projects. 52. January 2021: Wolox, a cloud application software developer that partners with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, IBM and others. 51. January 2021: Real Protect, an MSSP focused on Latin America. 50. December 2020: Olikka, an Australia-based systems integrator that supports Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure cloud services. 49. November 2020: End-to-end analytics for big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning expertise. 48. November 2020: Arca, a Spanish engineering firm with 5G network operations expertise. 47. October 2020: OptusLine, an artificial intelligence and IT services expert in the healthcare, life sciences and insurance verticals. 46. October 2020: Enibos, an AWS consulting firm. 45. October 2020: Avenai, a government-focused IT consulting firm and technology services provider in Ottawa, Canada. 44. October 2020: Myrtle Consulting Group, an industrial operations consulting firm in Houston, Texas. 43. October 2020: Zag, an SAP cloud migration and consulting firm in New Zealand and Australia. 42. September 2020: N3, an inside sales automation company. 41. September 202o: SALT Solutions, an SAP partner. See next page for Accenture acquisitions 40 through 21. Accenture acquisitions 40 through 21. 40. August 2020: CreativeDrive, a digital content production company that “simplifies, automates and scales the creative asset production process,” Accenture asserts. 39. August 2020: ServiceNow Elite Partner Organize Cloud Labs. 38. June 2020: Sentilis for big data consulting and software engineering. 37. May 2020: PLM Systems, which will join the Accenture Industry X.0 team. 36. May 2020: Byte Prophecy, a big data and analytics consulting firm in India. 35. May 2020: Kates Kesler, an organization design consultancy in New York City. 34. May 2020: Callisto Integration, a digital consulting firm that supports such vertical markets as food and beverage, chemicals and utilities. 33. May 2020: Italian financial services consulting firm NIKE Group. 32. April 2020: Gekko, an Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud services consultancy and MSP. 31. April 2020: Revolutionary Security for cyber threat intelligence, assessments, threat hunting, vulnerability management & cloud expertise. 30. April 2020: Yesler, a business-to-business (B2B) marketing services agency. 29. March 2020: ESR Labs for embedded software development in the automobile industry. 28. February 2020: AlphaBeta Advisors, a strategic consulting firm. 27. February 2020: VanBerlo, a product design and innovation agency from the Netherlands. 26. February 2020: Icon Integration, an Australia-based warehouse automation and business intelligence consulting company, and SAP partner. 25. February 2020: Mudano, a UK-based IT consultancy with artificial intelligence and digital transformation expertise. 24. January 2020: Sierra-Cedar's WorkDay, Salesforce & MuleSoft consulting practice. 23. January 2020: Ideoclick, an ecommerce specialist. This was an investment rather than outright acquisition. 22. January 2020: Symantec's MSSP business, which includes cyber security services and six security operations centers. 21. January 2020: SAP partner Maihiro for customer experience (CX) & customer relationship management (CRM) software consulting experience across Europe. See next page for Accenture acquisitions 20 to 1 -- extending back to January 2019. Accenture Acquisitions 20 to 1, extending back to January 2019. 20. December 2019: Clarity Insights, a data science consultancy with analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) & machine learning (ML) expertise. 19. December 2019: Apis Group, an Australian consultancy that provides strategic advisory, digital design, and delivery services to government agencies. 18. October 2019: Happen, a London-based consulting firm focused on digital transformation & analytics to help customers generate new ideas, products & services. 17. October 2019: Sutter Mills, a French firm that specializes in developing data-driven marketing strategies. 16. October 2019: Nytek, an IoT software expert. 15. September 2019: Pragsis Bidoop for big data, artificial intelligence (AI) & advanced analytics expertise. Accenture’s Applied Intelligence business gained 200 employees. 14. August 2019: Fairway Technologies; tucks business into the Accenture Product and Platform Engineering Services practice for software-based innovations. 13. August 2019: Parker Fitzgerald, a risk management consulting firm for financial services companies. 12. August 2019: Australian big data consultancy Analytics8. 11. August 2019: Consulting firm & digital agency INSITUM to bolster the Fjord agency and grow its footprint in Latin America. 10. August 2019: Northstream, a 5G wireless & IoT (Internet of Things) consultancy to communications service providers (CSPs) & networking companies in the Nordics. 9. July 2019: BCT Solutions, a privately held cybersecurity and technology consultancy with a big footprint in government markets. 8. June 2019: Bridge Energy Group, a Boston-based IT consulting, systems integration & data analytics firm focused on North American electric utilities. 7. May 2019: Zielpuls, a German technology consultancy that designs smart products and services for automotive companies, medical technology, industrial equipment, and high-tech industries. 6. April 2019: Cirruseo, a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) partner & ChannelE2E Top 100 Public Cloud MSP. 5. April 2019: Shackleton, a Spanish brand communications agency. Accenture Interactive’s bid to disrupt & redefine the advertising agency industry accelerates. 4. April 2019: Droga5, a creative & advertising agency. 3. March 2019: Storm Digital, a digital marketing agency that will tuck into the fast-growing Accenture Interactive business. 2. March 2019: Hjaltelin Stahl (a Danish creative agency) and Enterprise System Partners (a Cork, Ireland-based firm). 1. January 2019: Orbium, a management consultancy & technology services provider focused in the financial services vertical market. We'll continue to update this list each time Accenture makes an acquisition.
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Joe Panettieri is co-founder & editorial director of MSSP Alert and ChannelE2E, the two leading news & analysis sites for managed service providers in the cybersecurity market.