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66degrees Partners With Google Cloud To Develop New AI Solutions

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Google Premier Partner 66degrees has announced a new partnership with Google Cloud to develop generative AI solutions.

66degrees has been a Google Cloud partner since 2011. The company has over 500 Google Cloud certifications, 84 Expertise designations and 12 Specializations, including Cloud Migration - Services, Data Analytics - Services, Work Transformation - Enterprise, Infrastructure - Services and Machine Learning - Services. 66degrees was the Google Cloud Expertise Partner of the Month in April 2023.

66degrees has a dedicated Data Science practice consisting of data scientists and AI/ML experts who work with clients to surface business insights and enable data-driven digital transformation. The company says it recently began incorporating generative AI into its AI/ML projects, which led the team to build solutions for Education, Customer Experience and Customer Support using Google Cloud’s foundation models and generative AI capabilities in Vertex AI.

Using Vertex AI, data scientists and ML engineers will be able to train, test, monitor, deploy, and govern ML models at scale, the company said. That would reduce the work needed to maintain model performance in production and enable scientists and engineers to focus on innovation code, according to 66degrees.

66degrees’ New AI Tools: Expert Insight

Matt Kestian, CEO, 66degrees
Matt Kestian, CEO, 66degrees

Matt Kestian, CEO, 66degrees, commented:

“As a Google Cloud partner, we have witnessed firsthand the profound impact of generative AI. It has unveiled a new era of creativity and innovation, empowering businesses to reimagine what's possible. From generating code, content or hyper-realistic images to crafting personalized customer experiences, generative AI is revolutionizing industries and unlocking untapped potential. Embracing this transformative technology is not just an option; it's a strategic imperative for organizations seeking to lead and thrive in the digital age."

Jim Anderson, Vice President, NA Partner Ecosystem & Channels at Google Cloud, said:

“66degrees will help launch and deploy new and innovative solutions to organizations across industries. We’re excited to expand our work with 66degrees and customers to accelerate their AI-driven transformations.”

David McDaniel, a Google Cloud Fellow, Field CTO & Chief Architect at 66degrees, added:

“Google Cloud has consistently demonstrated its leadership in AI and ML, starting with the original frameworks for Large Language Models, which is why we’re excited to continue and expand our partnership. Clients will benefit from our deep Google Cloud and AI/ML expertise, which has led to the development of new solutions across industries and departments.”

About 66degrees

66degrees merged with Pandera Systems less than a year ago to create the second largest pure-play Google Cloud services firm in North America by both employee count and professional services revenue, according to the company. That deal included an investment from Sunstone Partners.

The combined company said it would offer a full suite of Google Cloud services including data and analytics modernization, cloud infrastructure modernization, DevOps transformations, cloud-native application development, and Google Workspace solutions.