Why MSPs Need Just-In-Time Accounts

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Following Best Practices With your MSPs' Privileged Accounts

As MSPs’ attack surfaces continue to grow with their client base, protecting their privileged accounts becomes a key line of defense to prevent threat actors from exfiltrating sensitive data through privilege escalation or lateral movement attempts.

As cyber criminals start using tactics that target privileged accounts and identities, cybersecurity insurance providers and policy makers are outlining compliance frameworks and requiring that MSPs adopt Privileged Access Management tooling with robust features (including Just-in-Time access) that mitigate MSP and SMB risks by closing visibility or security gaps. ‍

Achieve Zero Standing Privilege with Just-In-Time Accounts

Just-in-Time (JIT) privileged accounts offer MSPs a scalable and secure way of maintaining momentum without sacrificing security. By offering temporary access, MSPs can minimize standing privilege and risk associated with technicians having 24/7 access to privileged accounts.

PAM tools with robust JIT creation minimize vulnerability windows by:

  • Dynamically Limiting Access to sensitive resources on an as-needed basis.
  • Mitigating Insider Threats by automating administrative controls and revoke access at will.
  • Complying With Best Practices by generating comprehensive audit logs and clean dashboards, for better visibility and accountability.

The Principle of Least Privilege requires a security architecture that grants the minimum number of permissions or resources that a technician needs for their workflow.

Streamline and Secure Co-Managed IT Agreements with On-Demand Account Creation

MSPs clearly need Privileged Access Management tooling that is purpose-built for all types of client environments.

CyberQP enables MSPs with Just-in-Time account creation designed for both conventional managed service agreements and co-managed IT offerings. MSPs can invite a client’s key IT or security managers to CyberQP’s platform and offer them the exact level of access they need with temporary admin accounts.


By implementing just-in-time account creation into your MSP’s workflows, you can both close internal gaps in your MSP’s security gaps, and enable technicians or contractors to get and use privileged access for limited amounts of time and complete work that matters to you and your company.

MSPs partner with CyberQP to protect the information and accounts that matter to them. With QGuard, you can deploy a complete Privileged Access Management solution as part of your cybersecurity program to discover, monitor, and manage privileged accounts across your client base and security estate, and align with cyber insurance eligibility requirements or best practices in line with compliance frameworks like NIST and CIS in the process.

To learn more about how CyberQP can help you keep your business secure and eliminate operational costs to maximize value for your customers, you can book a demo here.

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