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Unlocking Growth: The Business Opportunity for MSPs in Azure Backup Services

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The shift to cloud computing has revolutionized the way businesses operate, offering scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency.

As a leader in the cloud space, Microsoft Azure has emerged as a preferred choice for organizations worldwide, large and small. However, this transition to the cloud brings along its own set of challenges, particularly in the realm of data protection.

Understanding the pain points of businesses in Azure environments is crucial for MSPs aiming to provide effective solutions.

The Cloud Revolution: Azure as a Market Leader

Azure's dominance in the cloud market is undeniable. The platform's extensive services, global reach, and integration with Microsoft's ecosystem have led to rapid adoption across industries.

Despite its many advantages, the complexity of Azure environments and the evolving threat landscape pose significant challenges for businesses striving to ensure data protection and recovery.

Cloud environments are highly dynamic, with resources frequently being created, modified, and deleted. Backup solutions that can keep up with such changes, and capture new data effectively, are of high importance here — as this is something that Azure’s own data protection measures may struggle with.

On a similar note, transferring large amounts of data between local environments and Azure can be bandwidth-intensive; optimizing this transfer (to minimize operational disruption) is something your clients will need assistance with.

Untapped Potential: Azure Backup Services for MSPs

As enterprises increasingly migrate their operations to cloud environments like Microsoft Azure, ensuring the safety and recoverability of their data becomes paramount. Managed service providers (MSPs) have a unique opportunity to step in and offer comprehensive Azure backup services to address these concerns and tap into a rapidly expanding market.

Addressing the data protection gap: The increasing reliance on cloud services requires equally robust data protection mechanisms. While Azure provides some built-in measures to this effect, they may not be sufficient for business-critical data. MSPs can fill this gap by providing automated, secure, and scalable backup solutions that safeguard data from loss due to human errors, cyberattacks, hardware failures, and other potential risks.

Seizing the business opportunity: The rising demand for reliable Azure backup solutions presents a substantial business opportunity for MSPs. As enterprises focus on their core activities, MSPs can step in as trusted partners, providing specialized backup services tailored to Azure environments that help them stand apart from the competition.

Diversifying your service portfolio: Offering Azure backup services allows MSPs to diversify their service portfolio, enhancing their value proposition and generating new revenue streams. By adding Azure-specific expertise to their repertoire, MSPs position themselves as comprehensive technology partners capable of addressing modern data protection challenges.

The Power of Data Resilience: A Game-Changer for Businesses

Data loss can be catastrophic for businesses, resulting in direct financial losses and regulatory fees as well as substantial reputational damage. The average cost of a data breach is expected to reach $5 million this year. Effective backup services mitigate this risk by ensuring the latest data is preserved and enabling its swift recovery, reducing downtime and minimizing the financial impact of any incident.

Naturally, then, reliable Azure backup services are critical for your Azure-using clients. In addition to the obvious benefits in recovering data after a breach or systems failure, the simple knowledge that their critical information is protected and recoverable enhances business continuity planning and overall operational resilience.

Overcoming Azure-Specific Challenges

Backing up Azure environments presents certain challenges for MSPs, due to the complex nature of cloud computing as well as specific features of the Azure platform.

Azure VM instances: Virtual machines (VMs) are a cornerstone of cloud computing, but they are no more immune to failures than physical systems are. MSPs offering Azure backup services should prioritize the protection of VM instances, ensuring data consistency and recoverability in the event of VM failures or accidental deletions.

Hybrid environments: Many businesses operate in hybrid environments, where on-premises and cloud-based systems coexist. MSPs must deliver seamless backup solutions that cover such environments, enabling comprehensive data protection across the entire infrastructure.

Multi-platform support: Azure environments encompass a variety of operating systems, including Windows and Linux. MSPs must offer backup services that cater to the unique requirements of both platforms, ensuring data integrity regardless of the operating system in use.

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud: Your Gateway to Azure Backup Success

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud stands out as a versatile solution for Azure backup services. It seamlessly addresses the complexities of Azure environments (as well as other popular cloud computing platforms), offering automated backup, fast recovery, and enhanced security.

But Acronis’ solution goes beyond simple backup. It’s purpose-built for MSP, with features that streamline management and enable providers to efficiently monitor backups, manage multiple clients, and scale their operations to meet each client’s unique needs.

One of the unique features of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is its notary solution, which uses blockchain technology to ensure the authenticity and integrity of backed-up data. This feature adds an extra layer of trust to the backup process, providing clients with assurance that their data has not been tampered with.

For a deeper understanding of how Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud can transform your Azure backup strategy, check out the 2023-24 DCIG TOP 5 Microsoft Azure Backup Solutions Report


The rapid growth of Microsoft Azure and the increasing importance of data protection in cloud environments present a significant opportunity for MSPs.

By offering Azure backup services, MSPs can address critical pain points for businesses, enhance their service portfolio, and tap into a lucrative market. Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud emerges as a powerful solution that not only meets the technical demands of Azure backup, but also streamlines MSP operations and ensures the integrity of backed-up data.

As businesses continue to navigate the complexities of the cloud, MSPs equipped with robust Azure backup services will play a pivotal role in ensuring data resilience and business continuity.

Guest blog courtesy of Acronis.