Top MSP Challenges in 2018

The IT world is currently going through significant transformation, just as it did about 10 years ago when IT companies responded to market demand and created a separate niche of managed service providers. Right now, with artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) another revolution has begun, and if you don’t remain nimble, you may be thrown out of business.

However, if you regard these new trends as challenges and take appropriate steps to alter your MSP marketing strategy, it can be much simpler to cope with ongoing changes, and your business can continue to grow. Let’s review the challenges that MSPs will likely face in 2018.

1. IoT Adoption

With the Internet of Things (or IoT), a variety of household or other devices connect via the Internet. These can range from kitchen appliances like a stove or a fridge, to elevators, security systems and IT networks in public buildings.

All of this technology exchanges tremendous amounts of data that needs to be managed and properly secured.

The possibilities of IoT present a very big challenge for any IT company — and a very big opportunity. Merging your existing managed service provider business model with IoT can bring your business to new heights and give a significant competitive advantage.

2. Cloud is the King

Microsoft’s revenues from their Azure Cloudcontinue to rise, AWS is setting records from cloud revenue, and Alibaba Cloud has made its way into western markets. We are now living in the era of the cloud. Today, you can (and most say you should) move at least some part of your own infrastructure and your clients’ infrastructure to the cloud. You can instantly spin up any number of VMs in the cloud, directly recover your environment, archive data, and develop and run sizable applications in no time.

But, like everything in the technology space, the cloud is constantly evolving, and a process you implemented last month might be inefficient the next. So your staff needs to be ready for abrupt changes.

The other hurdle you will definitely face is uncertainty from your clients about the cloud. Is it safe enough? Is it stable enough? Will it be more cost-effective than infrastructure on-premises? What if ISP speeds are too low? Think about how to address these and other related questions from clients.

3. Data Security

Security is the top concern and challenge for any IT specialist — at all times.

New viruses emerge every year, new hackers look for new information to exploit, and there are still employees who misuse data — either simply by accident or with a goal in mind. All these problems create one of the largest opportunities for MSPs. Security is an absolute that managed service providers need to include in their marketing strategy.

Cloudberry Managed Backup Service can serve as a reliable assistant in addressing security tasks and issues. Use it to back up your clients’ data remotely to the cloud, and ease worries about losing precious data.

4. Marketing and Sales

If you keep in step with innovation and implement needed new technologies into your managed service provider business model, you should also make necessary changes in the way you promote your business.

Stay on the lookout for new advertising platforms, engage in social media, and teach your sales staff how to upsell new services to both old and new clients. A commitment to staying current in all aspects of your business can help it thrive, now and into the future.

Alexander Negrash is director of marketing at CloudBerry Lab. Read more CloudBerryLab blogs here.