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Guide to Email Marketing Metrics

Running an email marketing campaign requires a managed service provider (MSP) to track specific email marketing metrics. CloudBerry Lab explains how.

Email Marketing: Basic Tips for IT Shops

Five proven email marketing tactics to help managed service providers (MSPs) get the most from their customer bases, according to CloudBerry Lab.

Backup Best Practices: Synthetic Full Backup

Synthetic full backup provides a comprehensive and convenient cloud-based data security method without any of the cons of other backup methods. CloudBerry Lab explains.

Four Backup Types Explained: From Full to Synthetic Backup

Data backup has multiple variants — including full, differential, incremental and even synthetical full backup. CloudBerry Lab explains the differences between each approach.

5 Customer Retention Tactics for MSP Shops

Here are five customer retention tactics to help reduce churn and improve your predictable monthly recurring revenues (MRR).

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Customer Acquisition Basics for MSPs

Leverage these customer acquisition strategies to drive MSP monthly recurring revenues (MRR) growth and keep your expenses under control. CloudBerry Lab explains.

6 Ways MSPs Can Increase Revenue Using Remote Backup Service

if your MSP offers remote backup services to your clientele, explore these approaches to increase your services’ value and associated business continuity revenues, according to CloudBerry lab.

Top MSP Challenges in 2018

From artificial intelligence (AI) to the Internet of Things (IoT), another technology revolution has begun. Here’s how MSPs can navigate the opportunities — and challenges.

Archiving to Amazon Glacier: How to Avoid Hidden Costs

Amazon Glacier, for many, is an ideal choice for cloud storage. It is highly affordable, reliable and available. However, there are a few caveats. CloudBerry Lab shares Glacier tips and cost-saving details.

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5 Steps for Adding a New MSP Solution to Your Offering

Want to add a new offering to your MSP service catalog? Take these five steps to move forward, according to CloudBerry Lab.