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Webroot Security Awareness Training: An MSP Growth Tool

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Many of us in the industry want to spread the good news: there is knowledge-base and a set of best practices—available to all—that can help us avoid malicious hackers and stay safe online. By administering just a little bit of training and disseminating just a little bit of know-how, we can shift the balance of powers from cybercriminals to those who protect people from them. That's why, at Webroot, we're extremely proud of our security awareness training platform, Webroot® Security Awareness Training (SAT).

But often, unfortunately, MSPs are unable to offer cybersecurity training because of limited resources and high management overhead. The decision to handle security as an offering at all—with all of the endpoint and network responsibilities that entails—is a fraught one, to begin with. So if you add to that the demands of developing, architecting, and deploying entire training courses across multiple client sites, SAT can begin to seem like it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

It’s because SAT is so essential to preventing breaches and other incidents, that Webroot was determined to overcome the challenges of offering these courses. We set our sights on creating a program that was easy to integrate, efficient to use, and scalable enough to have a real impact on MSP businesses.

That’s why we’re excited to communicate and share the latest MSP-friendly and MSP-ready improvements to Webroot’s SAT offerings. These upgrades deliver a quicker, easier, and more efficient way to offer cybersecurity education, helping MSPs reduce infections while driving revenue.

Reduce Infection and Drive Revenue through Client Training

Two key features of our management console were specifically designed to improve MSP productivity and increase overall client satisfaction.

First, the new Global Management Dashboard is THE single-pane-of-glass management tool for administering courses across multiple client sites. It is now the one-stop-shop for all SAT management, eliminating the need to navigate around the platform. With our simplified four-step workflow, MSPs can quickly push out phishing simulations or training campaigns, instantly monitor participation and results and report on progress across multiple sites.

Designed with operational efficiency in mind, our customizable, geo-specific, and MSP-ready templates and phishing lure pages make it possible to deploy effective campaigns for any client in only minutes. We’ve also updated four existing SAT courses with more than 20 new templates, including:

  • Passwords Security
  • Websites and Software Security
  • Email Security
  • Physical Security (Workplace)

Another exciting addition to our SAT management console is the new Breach Report. This tool instantly creates a record of all breaches associated with any client domain, helpfully illustrating the cybersecurity shortcomings of clients before they adopt a training-related fix. Breach Reports can be filtered by incident, affected users, or by client to identify customers subjected to repeated breaches. It’s meant to demonstrate the real-world dangers facing clients, so MSPs can provide insight on avoiding future security incidents.

These enhancements, in addition to Webroot’s current SAT features, leverage the Webroot® Platform, which makes use of continuous threat analysis and contextual data to inform all Webroot products and services. Not only will they help MSPs identify areas for improvement within client organizations, they also set them apart from competitors.

What’s Next?

Want to experience the new features and functionality of Webroot® Security Awareness Training for yourself? Start a free, 30-day trial and experience the good news of security awareness training today.

I encourage you to start a free Webroot product trial to see for yourself how our solutions can help you maximize growth: Endpoint Protection | DNS Protection | Security Awareness Training.

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