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Posts by Webroot Guest Blog

Why the NSA Wants Businesses to Use DoH

DNS over HTTPS, also known as and DoH, uses the HTTPS protocol to encrypt DNS requests. Webroot explains DoH’s value.

Four Objections to Security Awareness Training: How to Overcome Them

When it comes to cybersecurity awareness training, some customers push back against MSPs. Here’s how MSPs can push forward, Webroot asserts.

How to Build Successful Security Awareness Training Programs in 2021 and Beyond

Security awareness training is one of the most straightforward ways to improve a business’ overall resilience against cyberattacks.

Remote Work is Here to Stay, and Other Cybersecurity Predictions for 2021

To truly arrive at a ‘new normal,’ companies must account for the new realities of pervasive remote work to thrive in 2021.

Cyber News Rundown: Biological Worries Over Malware Attacks

Webroot’s Connor Madsen reviews the latest security news from around the world in his weekly Cyber News Rundown.

Why Mobile Security is Critical for Safe Browsing

Mobile devices are highly attractive targets for malicious actors. Webroot, an OpenText company, explains how to protect mobile devices from these threats.

Phishing’s Evolution: How COVID-19 Affected Our Click Habits

How have phishing attacks evolved during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic? Webroot research provides the answers & MSP risk mitigation tips.

10 Ways a Commercial DNS Filtering Service Improves Your Cyber Resilience

Webroot’s Justine Kurtz explains how a commercial DNS filtering service can be a game-changer for improving cyber resilience.

Cyber News Rundown: Multiple Individuals Charged in Twitter Hack

Webroot’s threat research analyst Connor Madsen offers an industry rundown of updates, breaches and security threats to Twitter, Havenly and others.

Evasive Scripts: What They Are, and What We’re Doing About Them

Evasive scripts are attacks designed to hide from you. Webroot explains various types and how to address attacks hiding in plain sight.