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Posts by Webroot Guest Blog

Phishing’s Evolution: How COVID-19 Affected Our Click Habits

How have phishing attacks evolved during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic? Webroot research provides the answers & MSP risk mitigation tips.

10 Ways a Commercial DNS Filtering Service Improves Your Cyber Resilience

Webroot’s Justine Kurtz explains how a commercial DNS filtering service can be a game-changer for improving cyber resilience.

Cyber News Rundown: Multiple Individuals Charged in Twitter Hack

Webroot’s threat research analyst Connor Madsen offers an industry rundown of updates, breaches and security threats to Twitter, Havenly and others.

Evasive Scripts: What They Are, and What We’re Doing About Them

Evasive scripts are attacks designed to hide from you. Webroot explains various types and how to address attacks hiding in plain sight.

Cybersecurity, Remote Computing and Home PCs: The SMB Risks

Home PCs used for business could suffer from device damage, data theft via phishing and ransomware. Data breaches, in turn, could trigger GDPR & CCPA fines.

The Truth about Hackers, in Black and White (and Grey)

Despite what you may have heard, not all hackers have intrinsically evil goals in mind. In fact, many hackers have registered themselves as white hats.

The Problem with HTTPS: What MSPs Need to Know

MSPs can implement effective web policies that protect users against web threats, whether encrypted through HTTPs or not. Webroot, an OpenText company, explains how.

Staying Cyber Resilient During a Pandemic

Cybercriminals won’t cut MSPs & customers a break during this difficult time of quarantine and pandemic outbreak. Here’s how to maintain strong cyber resilience.

Cybersecurity Predictions for 2020 Revisited

Cybersecurity experts from Webroot and Carbonite take a second look at three of their 2020 predictions. The predictions appear to be coming true.

Take These Steps Today to Better Secure Your Business (And Your Clients’)

Here are some ongoing efforts MSPs can practice daily to safeguard their business from cyberattacks, according to Webroot.