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Posts by Webroot Guest Blog

Going to Market with Cybersecurity: An MSP Guide to Serving SMBs

How MSPs (managed IT service providers) can cater to the unique cybersecurity needs of small and midsize businesses (SMBs), according to Webroot.

MSPs: Hungry for Growth? Look to Managed Security Services

Now’s the time for MSPs to step into the managed security service provider (MSSP) market. Webroot explains how.

RMM, PSA and Security Software: 3 MSP Integration Requirements

RMM & PSA integrations with security software should empower MSPs with faster rollouts, simplified customer management & actionable data, Webroot says.

MSPs Should Monetize Security Awareness Training

The concept behind continuous cybersecurity & compliance training, with liberal amounts of role-relevant phishing simulations, is simple. Webroot explains.

How to Develop vCISO Security Services

When developing a new vCISO (virtual chief information security officer) practice, MSPs should consider the following seven moves, according to Webroot.

5 Cybersecurity Industry Predictions for 2019

Webroot’s five cybersecurity predictions for 2019 involve such topics as passwords, data privacy, cryptojacking, IoT, AI trends in automation and more.

A Look at the 2018 Webroot Threat Report Mid-Year Update

Cryptomining leapfrogs ransomware as the top cybersecurity threat, Webroot’s research reveals. Here are the top three issues facing partners and customers.

MSP Cybersecurity: Automating Your Way to Profits

MSP operational efficiency is the key to profitability, and automation is the key to operational efficiency. Here’s how to get your managed services business started down the road to profitability through automation.

Is RDP Putting MSPs and Your Clients at Risk?

Here are four ways MSPs can protect their businesses and customers from Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) enabled hacks and cyberattacks, according to Webroot.

Cybersecurity: The Riskiest and Safest U.S. States

Webroot’s annual Riskiest States survey results have been released. Here are the key learnings — and cybersecurity implications for MSPs.