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Eliminating Security Silos of Chaos for TSPs

ConnectWise CEO Jason Magee
Author: ConnectWise CEO Jason Magee

At ConnectWise, we’ve always had an obsession with partner success since day one. That’s why our mission is to “To empower Technology Solution Providers to realize their vision of success.” But in order to do that, we have to commit to—and deliver on—our promise to creating the next wave of innovation for the technology solution provider (TSP) community and the IT industry.

For those that have been around awhile, you remember what it was like before ConnectWise Manage. You had a bunch of disparate tools that you used to deliver services to your clients—but it wasn’t efficient, and the data wasn’t connected. You were tracking tickets in spreadsheets and whiteboards, your sales and service delivery efforts were leaking time and efficiency, and your billing was difficult to manage. Before ConnectWise Automate (formerly LabTech Software), your RMM and remote-control tools were operating autonomously, and maybe you had a separate tool for patching. If you really think about it and put yourself back into those shoes, you’ll realize that without the right combination of people, processes, and systems, it was easy to get trapped in the Silos of Chaos.

Keeping your vision of success in mind, we had to solve this problem. Our next wave of innovation is to eliminate those security Silos of Chaos for TSPs—for you. The need for better security offerings from TSPs has evolved as the threat landscape for SMBs has become more and more critical. The typical vendor response to the increasing solution need has been to add more disparate and unlinked tools to the mix. This solution isn’t effective or scalable.

Introducing the First, Purpose-Built Security Platform for TSPs

In response to this TSP need, ConnectWise has acquired Perch Security and StratoZen.

Perch Security provides the only TSP-designed SIEM in the industry. Unlike most SIEMs, which were created for the enterprise, Perch Security strips away unnecessary complexity and provides only the functionality TSPs need to capture information from the systems they are using and the threats that could impact their clients. Perch has been purpose built for TSPs, designed in a way to meet the unique needs of our market.

Meanwhile, StratoZen brings robust data analysis capabilities that take all of the information gathered from the SIEM and turn it into actionable data. This helps TSPs reduce false positives and address security issues faster and more accurately, requiring less staffing resources. Like Perch, StratoZen has a deep understanding of the TSP market, and they bring a wealth of highly skilled security talent to our SOC.

With these additions, the ConnectWise Fusion platform has evolved into the market's only intelligent, security-centric platform that is purpose-built for TSPs. Both companies’ technologies will be used to enhance the ConnectWise Fortify solution, making it faster and more automated. We’re excited to introduce this next wave of innovation to simplify the lives of TSPs and ensure protection for their clients.

Earlier this year at IT Nation Explore, we talked about a single, unified platform (ConnectWise Fusion™) that will simplify the lives of TSPs. Today, with these acquisitions, I’m happy to say that our vision to power your success extends beyond our business management and unified management solutions to include security management as well.

As always, we’ll continue to power your vision for success. To get a deep dive into the future of our cybersecurity offering, join Brian Downey, VP cybersecurity products, ConnectWise, Wes Spencer, CISO, Perch Security, and Eric Gravett, CRO, StratoZen for this upcoming webinar:

ConnectWise, Perch Security, and StratoZen:
The Only Cybersecurity Platform Purpose-built for TSPs
on Thursday, November 19 at 11:00am.
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Author Jason Magee is CEO at ConnectWise. Read more guest blogs from ConnectWise here.