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VARs and Software as a Service: Recurring Revenue Goldmine

If approached strategically, SaaS could be a goldmine for value-added resellers (VARs) and IT consulting firms. ConnectWise CCO Craig Fulton explains why.

How MSPs Can Differentiate From Rival Managed Services Providers

How can MSPs differentiate from rival managed services providers? The answer involves these customer-focused steps, according to ConnectWise.

VARs and Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR): Beyond Software Tools

VAR (valued-added reseller) transitions to monthly recurring revenue (MRR) requires more than IT management & business automation software. ConnectWise explains.

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Managed Services 101: Where MSPs Are Now, and Where They’re Going

The role of MSPs is changing. Track these emerging managed services & business trends to understand your revenue & service catalog opportunities, ConnectWise says.

Microphone Podcast 2

Introducing Stories from The IT Nation: A ConnectWise Podcast

How MSPs (managed IT services providers) can master inbound marketing, customer experience, retention and more. IT Nation podcasts from ConnectWise teach you how.

How to Determine the Best Customers for Your Business

MSPs certainly value customers that generate the most monthly recurring revenues. But these additional customer-centric KPIs may be more important, ConnectWise says.

MSP Pricing Tips: How to Maximize Managed Services Profitability

How should MSPs price their managed IT services? The answer involves various cost, value & market considerations. Sam Demulling, VP of ConnectWise Sell, offers guidance.

KPIs to Measure A Technology Department’s ITSM Performance

How can infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders measure the value & performance of an IT service management (ITSM) department? ConnectWise shares KPI tips.

Quarterly Business Reviews: 5 MSP Secrets to QBR Success

Quarterly business reviews (QBRs) offer MSPs valuable face time with customers. Follow these five QBR tips to ensure productive & profitable meetings.

How Company Culture Affects Your Business’ Success

How do you create a strong company culture? ConnectWise Chief Talent Officer Jennifer Locklear offers guidance.