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3 Key #NextGenMSP Security Strategies

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As the next-generation of threats continues to advance, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to manage their own cybersecurity strategies. That means organizations of all types are increasingly embracing the benefits of managed services. In particular, small and medium-sized businesses are realizing that their in-house IT staff can’t keep up with the constantly-changing technology landscape—that’s assuming they have dedicated IT resources in the first place. The net result is an unprecedented growth opportunity for today’s MSPs, both in winning new clients and in significantly expanding the range of services they offer to existing customers.

To take full advantage of this opportunity, MSPs can’t afford to continue relying on technology solutions and business practices that are mired in the past, particularly when it comes to the field of endpoint security. To maximize customer satisfaction and their opportunities for revenue growth, forward-thinking MSPs need to replace their outdated security services with more modern methodologies. Three fundamental endpoint security strategies to becoming a profitable next-generation MSP are:


  • Adopt automation tools and other support apps that enable MSPs to provide proactive service even with limited manpower
  • Manage dynamic cloud-based solutions rather than a fixed set of on-premises assets
  • Automate routine tasks and focus on support, satisfaction, and other services, building stronger client relationships and long-term contracts

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Technology Standardization

  • Standardize on a single reference architecture (stack) that maximizes efficiency for MSP clients and boosts profitability
  • Provide solutions that yield more client uptime and productivity while increasing ease of support
  • Adopt scalable products that can keep up as client bases grow

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Full-Spectrum Protection

  • Deliver effective security against full range of today’s threat conditions, both known or unknown, regardless of sophistication or volume
  • Secure all points of vulnerability (networks, endpoints, and users) across the board
  • Offer maximum protection while reducing impact on both endpoint resources and end user productivity

Webroot SecureAnywhere® Business Endpoint Protection uses collective threat intelligence to proactively protect against known and unknown threats across numerous threat vectors in a <1MB agent that won’t slow users down


While the increasing popularity of managed services presents substantial growth and revenue opportunities for MSPs, it can also quickly exacerbate any existing flaws in an MSP’s business practices and operations. Deficiencies that were only mildly challenging in the past can have far greater significance when propagated across multiple new clients. That’s why forward-thinking MSPs are proactively adopting more modern security methodologies and deploying solutions that will enhance their ability to leverage today’s enormous growth opportunities.

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