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MSPAlliance Releases New Compliance-as-a-Service Platform


MSPAlliance, which dubs itself as the largest and oldest international compliance, standards, and certifying body for cloud and managed services providers, has unveiled its new Compliance-as-a-Service platform.

The platform, named Cyber Verify, is designed to help MSPs achieve compliance as well as offer compliance services downstream to their customers. The association says the platform was developed to “streamline the previously complex audit process and now makes compliance an achievable goal for all MSPs.”

A Compliance Department for MSPs

As MSPAlliance points out, one of the challenges faced by many MSPs is a lack of relevant experience in compliance. Many smaller firms simply don’t have the resources for a compliance officer or department. Cyber Verify was built to serve as an extension of – or replacement for – an MSPs compliance department, according to the association.

Through MSP Verify, Cloud Verify, and other reports, MSPs utilizing Cyber Verify can use these reports to communicate compliance, cybersecurity, data privacy, and other relevant information to customers and regulators.

MSPAlliance’s Cyber Verify Offering

Celia Weaver, co-founder and president, MSPAlliance
Celia Weaver, co-founder and president, MSPAlliance

Celia Weaver, co-founder and president, MSPAlliance, commented:

"Cyber Verify is the culmination of nearly 20 years of experience in the MSP certification business. The platform achieves two primary objectives of simplifying MSP compliance, while also enabling MSPs of all sizes to enter the lucrative and necessary ‘compliance as a service’ business."

Charles Weaver, co-founder and CEO, MSPAlliance, said:

"What I think MSPs will really love about Cyber Verify is how easy to use it is. One of the biggest frustrations MSPs have with legacy auditor experiences is how difficult it is to understand what auditors need to do their work. This is also one of the biggest reasons MSPs do not seek out certification. Cyber Verify simplifies the entire process of audit preparation, remediation, and certification."