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Qualys Security Launches Consulting Edition For MSPs

Qualys CEO Philippe Courtot
Qualys CEO Philippe Courtot

Qualys, a cloud-based security and compliance solutions provider, already works with every major MSSP, according to CEO Philippe Courtot. Moreover, all of the the Indian outsourcers are Qualys customers and partners, Courtot asserted during the company's Q2 2018 earnings call.

Now, Qualys wants to open its arms wider to mainstream MSPs and IT consulting firms. Toward that end, the company has unveiled Qualys Consulting Edition. The offering features a centralized multi-tenant console -- a growing trend in the MSSP sector. The approach allows MSPs to focus on protecting their clients’ network environments, instead of spending time and effort on mundane organizational task, Qualys asserts.

Key Features

Features of Qualys Consulting Edition, according to the company's announcement, include:

  • Discover and organize vulnerabilities - Detect vulnerabilities in your clients’ IT assets wherever they reside—on premises, in clouds or mobile endpoints. Organize scan data by client to prevent confusion and streamline remediation. Using customizable templates, generate insightful reports tailored to each client, with scorecards, executive summaries, and recommendations.
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  • Prioritize remediation - Help clients determine which vulnerabilities present the greatest risk to them and must be addressed first. Give clients a clear, comprehensive view of their threat landscape via customizable dashboards, graphs, ad hoc searches, and a real-time vulnerability feed.
  • Monitor compliance - Assist clients with government regulations, industry mandates, and internal policies, as well as assess third-party risk. Document results in comprehensive reports, so clients can fix issues and demonstrate auditable processes.
  • Protect web apps - Give your clients visibility into their web apps—a major attack vector hackers are exploiting for data breaches. Find and catalog all web apps in your clients’ IT environments, and identify their vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.
  • Flexible options - Choose the right subscription option, whether you are an individual consultant, a small firm or large security services provider. Pick among several scanner technologies, including a local tool on your laptop, a remote scanner, or a hybrid option.
  • Access to CertView & CloudView - These free services grant the ability to track and monitor all client's internet-facing digital certificates and multi-cloud assets.

Qualys Consulting Edition will be generally available by the end of August. Annual subscription pricing begins at $3,995 for unlimited asset packages. All packages include unlimited users.

The company also recently released Qualys Community Edition to help smaller organizations access — at no charge — the cloud-based security platform.

Qualys Business Growth

Qualys has been in growth mode. Revenue reached $68.2 million in Q2 2018, up 23 percent from the corresponding quarter in 2017. Also, net income rose  to $10.3 million, up from $7.2 million.

To drive further growth, the company is working with Carahsoft -- striving to reach the government customers. The company also had heavy booth traffic at the recent Black Hat USA 2018 conference in Las Vegas, according to MSSP Alert's observations.

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