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Nutanix Certification Program Gains Technology Tracks

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Nutanix is expanding its multi-level, enterprise cloud computing certification program to better meet participants’ current and future career goals, the company said in a statement.

The Nutanix Certification program, delivered through Nutanix University, teaches and tests certification candidates’ ability to implement, manage, optimize and scale Nutanix multi-product software, according to the statement.

In addition to the three current skill levels of Nutanix certifications – Professional (NCP), Master (NCM), and Expert (NPX) – the expanded offering will now include a Nutanix Certified Associate (NCA) certification, according to the statement. The NCA credential is aimed at IT professionals with six to twelve months on-the-job experience who want to build a career in multicloud technology, the company said.

Nutanix is also releasing a new training course, Nutanix Hybrid Cloud Fundamentals, to help participants prepare for the NCA certification exam. The course will cover the products, capabilities, and technologies that form the foundation of Nutanix’s Hybrid Cloud solution, according to the statement.

With the addition of the NCA certification, the certification program now covers four skill levels and six new technology tracks, according to Nutanix.

Nutanix’s new training and certification tracks extend beyond the company’s Acropolis operating system (AOS) and hyperconverged infrastructure platform, and focus on four key areas:

  • Digital HCI Services (Multicloud Infrastructure)
  • Data Center Services (Data Storage Services, Security & Governance, Business Continuity)
  • DevOps Services (Multicloud Automation, Database Automation)
  • Desktop Services (End User Computing)

Nutanix Certification Program Addresses Future Technology Careers

Inder Sidhu, EVP, global customer success, Nutanix
Inder Sidhu, EVP, global customer success, Nutanix

“With this Nutanix University offering, participants will have access to a larger collection of technical certifications to prepare them for the future,” said Inder Sidhu, executive vice president of global customer success at Nutanix. “Our carefully extended program boasts new customization options, so customers and partners can build a professional development plan that best fits their career journey. We’re excited to offer these certifications and training that was designed from the ground-up to recognize the real-world skills IT needed for hybrid and multicloud environments.”

These tracks will be rolled out over the next several months. Exam costs vary by certification level; the cost for NCP and NCM exams is $199 USD per attempt. The new NCA exam costs $99 per attempt, according to Nutanix. Candidates can download educational resources, study guides and exam prep materials from the Nutanix website.