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Mergers, Acquisitions and Pre-Buyout Security Assessments

Your company is preparing to make a business acquisition. But how can you determine if the company you want to acquire has proper security controls and risk mitigation efforts in place?

Perhaps Bugcrowd can assist. To wit, the crowdsourced cybersecurity platform provider has released the Mergers and Acquisitions Assessment solution to help organizations evaluate the security posture of M&A targets, according to a prepared statement.

M&A Assessment leverages a global network of security researchers who can evaluate the security posture of M&A target assets, Bugcrowd indicated. The solution also allows organizations to identify potential security blind spots before they lead to cyberattacks and data breaches.

How Does M&A Assessment Work?

M&A Assessment uses the following process to help organizations analyze the security posture of M&A targets:

  • Resourcing: M&A targets are identified and resources are allocated accordingly.
  • Triage & Prioritization: Incoming vulnerabilities or discovered assets are validated or attributed.
  • Aggregation: Pen test and asset inventory results are aggregated and assessed.
  • Executive Reporting: Organizations are provided with security test results and executive analysis.
  • Post-Report Analysis: Security reports are delivered that feature additional security analysis.

M&A Assessment also offers a variety of features, including:

  • Penetration Testing: Offers pay-per-results or pay-per-project pen tests.
  • NDA-Backed Pen Testers: Provides security tests performed by NDA-backed pen testers.
  • Audit-Ready and Executive-Level Reports: Delivers audit-ready and executive-level security reports within three weeks of security tests.

M&A Assessment includes a pre-packaged bundle of security tests that combine remotely deployed penetration testing with the Bugcrowd platform's asset discovery, alerting, attribution, prioritization and management capabilities, the company noted. Furthermore, M&A Assessment allows organizations to initiate security tests in 72 hours or less.

Organizations are increasingly expanding the scope and frequency of pen tests across their application portfolios, research from pen testing company revealed. Meanwhile, M&A Assessment may quickly become a top choice for organizations that are exploring M&A deals, due in part to the rising demand for pen testing worldwide.

Dan Kobialka

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