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HaloPSA Commits to Zero M&A or Private Equity for 10 Years

At a time when many of the pioneers in the managed services vendor space have matured and taken on investments from private equity, there’s heightened interest today in startups that may be poised to shake up the MSP space with new innovation.

One of these companies is HaloPSA. Although the company itself has been around for years, having started as an ITSM provider to enterprises, it’s now gaining favor with MSPs, too.

Here’s one of the value propositions that may be helping woo MSPs to HaloPSA’s camp – the company is pledging that it will not take any outside investments from private equity or do any mergers and acquisitions for a period of 10 years.

It’s not just saying that on stage at conferences and in sales calls. It is actually building that commitment into its contracts with MSPs.

As some of the original MSP platform companies are now in private equity hands and have been criticized for lack of innovation, that’s a pledge that means something to MSPs.

HaloPSA Momentum with MSPs

Tim Barton-Wines, an executive at the company and the number 11 employee at the company, said that 300 MSPs are joining up every month.

Dressed in a Formula 1 style driver fire suit (the company is proud that it’s the single unified IT service platform behind the McLaren Formula One team) Barton-Wines provided an overview of the company to a full auditorium of MSPs at the N-able Empower conference in Frisco, Texas this week, following N-able’s CEO’s opening keynote. He says HaloPSA’s story is of a bedroom startup to global service player. He presented the narrative of the company’s momentum and talked about some of its more recent innovations, too.

For instance, HaloPSA’s research and development includes investments in artificial intelligence in pursuit of self-resolving new inbound tickets using an MSP’s own ticket library. The technician would be presented with the solution in a moment as the ticket is filed.

Barton-Wines said that the company has a 2.5 year roadmap for AI and a trajectory that takes these innovations even farther, but he did not offer those details during his presentation.

He did say that the company integrates with many other vendors in the MSP market, and all these integrations are first party and included in the standard package that is provided to MSPs. There is no upcharge for these integrations. They include Microsoft CSP, NinjaOne, Kaseya, ConnectWise Automate, N-able N-central, and many more.

How much momentum will HaloPSA achieve, and what’s next for the company? ChannelE2E will be following the news.

Jessica C. Davis

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