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Guidance Software, Webroot Partner on Multilayer Endpoint Security


You know those New York City apartments that have about 10 locks on the door? OK, maybe not 10, but there is definitely more than the standard two on most homes across the U.S. Not only do they have several locks on the door to the apartment, there can sometimes be two different doors to get into the building, each with their own locks as well.

Why are there so many different locks for an area like NYC? Each lock adds an additional layer of security or an additional barrier to entry. The same theory applies to cyber security. The more varied your approach, the more secure the network will be.

BrightCloud IP and File Reputation Services Adds New Layers

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To add more locks to the doors of its customers, Guidance Software just announced the addition of two components of Webroot's BrightCloud offering into EnCase Endpoint Security. The company will be adding BrightCloud IP and File Reputation Services to Guidance customers via a direct integration. By embedding threat intelligence into its Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) products, Guidance customers can more rapidly detect hidden threats before they lead to a breach. Webroot’s cloud-based dynamic threat intelligence database monitors 4.3 billion IPs and 13+ billion file behavior records in order to detect and combat the growing threats that organizations face.

Through Webroot's BrightCloud IP Reputation Service, EnCase Endpoint Security will be able to provide customers with a constantly updated list of malicious IPs to block unwanted traffic to defend against incoming threats, the company claims. The BrightCloud IP Reputation Service continuously monitors all IPv4 and in-use IPv6 addresses and provides a dynamic list of 8 million to 12 million malicious IPs at any given time. In addition to reputation scores, the service provides insight into the types of threats, historical, geolocation, and other contextual intelligence to assist with potential threat decisions, Guidance Software Sade.

BrightCloud File Reputation Service

Utilizing the BrightCloud File Reputation Service from Webroot, Guidance Software can provide a real-time lookup of known malicious and whitelisted file identifiers, regardless of file type, name, platform, encryption, or password protection. EnCase customers will also now be able to automatically block known threats, whitelist known good files, and focus research efforts on unknowns, the companies said.

Webroot’s BrightCloud automated machine learning solutions are able to provide an additional layer of security, or another lock on the door, to the EDR market by detecting new and unknown threats. The new version of EnCase Endpoint Security, version 6, which includes the BrightCloud technology, is expected to release later this month.