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Free Microsoft 365 Cybersecurity Training Resources

Microsoft as released a set of free cybersecurity trainings for Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) subscribers.

MJ Shoer
LinkedIn: MJ Shoer, founder and principal, MJ Shoer LLC.

The trainings, produced in partnership with Terranova Security, focus on COVID-19 specific threats. As the pandemic has played out, bad actors have aggressively targeted users and organizations with phishing and other attacks. The rate of attack continues to increase and with so many people working from home, hackers see multiple opportunities to breach corporate and personal security.

The attack simulator trainings cover mass phishing, protecting home computers and privacy.

Microsoft 365 subscribers may access the cyberattack simulator trainings here. There is also a download with more content, including blog posts and infographics to educate your target audience.

I strongly recommend you take advantage of this excellent training resource.

MJ Shoer is founder & principal consultant at MJ Shoer LLC., which offers consulting services for MSPs and Channel Organizations. He previously launched, built and sold one of New England’s most successful MSPs. Read more blogs from Shoer here.