Posts by MJ Shoer

Microsoft Windows 10 Security: Kernel Protection Explained

Microsoft Windows 10 kernel data protection (KDP) explained. How it and will help secure & defend Windows 10 against common hacking methodologies.

Free Microsoft 365 Cybersecurity Training Resources

Microsoft, in partnership with Terranova Security. releases free cybersecurity awareness trainings for Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365). MJ Shoer explains.

CARES Act and Small Business Loans, Grants: Resources to Know

Resources about the CARES act, and links to information about loans & grants for small businesses, compiled by MSP expert MJ Shoer.

Work From Home… Effectively

With so many people now forced to work from home, here are some tips from MJ Shoer that have served him well as a work from home professional.

Free Vulnerability Scanning Explained

Did you know that CISA, the Cyber-Infrastructure Security Agency, offers free vulnerability scanning for your business? MJ Shoer offers details.

Primer: Network Segmentation’s Role In Cybersecurity Explained

How proper network segmentation can help to keep your data and IT assets secure, according to MJ Shoer, a consultant to MSPs and channel organizations.