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Cowbell Partners with Microsoft, Ingram Micro on SMB Cybersecurity

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Cowbell, a provider of cyber insurance for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), has announced a collaboration with Microsoft and Ingram Micro Inc

This partnership aims to facilitate Microsoft Exchange migrations to Microsoft 365 Business Premium for Cowbell policyholders, enhancing cybersecurity measures and risk assessments for new policies, the company said.

Strengthening Cybersecurity for SMEs

Through this collaboration, Cowbell says it seeks to empower SMEs with advanced AI capabilities and a smooth transition to cloud-based operations. The partnership emphasizes the importance of robust cybersecurity practices in the face of increasing cyberattacks targeting SMEs, according to the company.

Statements from Key Stakeholders

Manu Singh, Vice President of Risk Engineering at Cowbell, said:

“Cowbell is dedicated to enhancing our customers’ cybersecurity posture, especially as cyberattacks are on the rise for SMEs. We are thrilled to partner with Microsoft to provide valuable services and resources to our policyholders.”

John Dusett, Executive Director & Category Leader, Cloud & Strategic Vendors at Ingram Micro, commented:

“As cybersecurity attacks continue to rise, our vendor partners are uniting to strengthen the community with security solutions that align with updated cyber insurance requirements. This collaboration not only insulates businesses financially in case of a breach but also establishes a framework for security policies using tools like Microsoft 365.”

Migration Process and Benefits

Prior to migration, each organization will undergo an evaluation of its current IT infrastructure, Cowbell explained. Ingram Micro’s partners will then provide estimates for the migration duration, typically around one week. 

Post-migration, organizations will gain deeper insights into their cloud environment through Cowbell’s cyber platform, enhancing their security posture and potentially earning a 5% premium credit at renewal.

Background on Cowbell and Ingram Micro

Cowbell, founded in 2019, specializes in Adaptive Cyber Insurance, offering coverage that adapts to evolving threats and cyber risk exposures. The company operates across the U.S. and the U.K. 

Ingram Micro, with a global presence, is known for its vast solutions portfolio and digital platform, serving a wide range of customers and vendor partners.