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CompTIA Launches AI Learning and Certifications

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The need for artificial intelligence (AI) skills in the workforce is growing since the introduction of ChatGPT in 2022.

To address the growing need for skills around these new functional areas, CompTIA is expanding its AI product roadmap with a series of learning and certification programs designed to train people with the AI skills needed for current and future job markets.

While channel analyst firm Canalys has forecasted that the MSP and MSSP market won't be ready to offer AI services to customers for 18 to 24 months, many service providers are already experimenting with artificial intelligence inside their own businesses.

N-able's recent Horizon's report, conducted by Canalys, found that 45% of MSPs are already experimenting with AI inside their own businesses.

Overview of New AI Programs

CompTIA's expansion includes two main series of programs, each designed to cater to different levels of AI proficiency and application across various job roles:

  • Essentials Series: This foundational series is intended for a wide audience, aiming to provide a comprehensive understanding of AI technology, CompTIA said.

    It's designed for individuals in both technical and non-technical roles who wish to grasp the basics of AI, including its landscape, tools, applications, challenges, and the potential benefits it offers to enhance human work and creativity.
  • Expansions Series: For those already holding CompTIA certifications or possessing advanced skills, this series offers specialized courses to deepen AI competencies in specific job functions.

    It includes targeted tracks for roles in software development, cybersecurity, systems operations (SysOps), data analytics, and introduces two emerging roles: prompt engineering and AI systems architects. Each course in this series builds upon existing knowledge, focusing on how AI can be applied to enhance capabilities in these specialized areas, the organization said.

CompTIA's new initiatives will roll out starting July 2024.

Crossing The AI Chasm

Thomas Reilly, Chief Product Officer, CompTIA, commented:

“The crossing of the AI chasm means workers and companies need to quickly hone their skills-building strategies across AI domains. CompTIA’s investments in these areas confirm our commitment to delivering best-in-class competency-based learning and certifications designed for the age of AI.”

CompTIA's introduction of AI-focused learning and certification programs is a response to the identified skill gaps in the job market, particularly in areas impacted by advancements in artificial intelligence. These programs, covering both foundational and advanced AI competencies across different job roles, are designed to provide the workforce with the skills required to address the challenges and leverage the opportunities associated with AI technology.

The initiative is part of CompTIA's broader strategy to support IT education and career development within the technology industry. It aims to address the diverse applications of AI across various sectors, highlighting the organization's role in IT certification and training. With the demand for AI skills on the rise, these new programs are intended to contribute to the preparation of both the current and future workforce, as the technology landscape continues to evolve.